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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally... What You've Been Waiting For!!!

We finally got to see our little "Bundle of Joy" in the form of a little person! We spent every day of the last month marking off the calendar in anticipation. We debated back and forth whether it would be a boy or a girl... Just as I thought it was a girl, Wade would insist that it was a boy then visa-versa. We were tired of referring to our child as "it." Now we can finally say SHE! That's right that beautiful baby is a GIRL!!! Yay... for bows, ribbons, pinks, and flowers! Even though Wade was a little disappointed that we couldn't buy that cute boy outfit with CARS and WRENCHES... he was thrilled when he saw the DRESSES and RUFFLE BUTTS. We are now looking forward to meeting this little princess in person and hold her in our arms.

This first one may appear a little scary but, that is our angel with the confidence and personality of her mommy and daddy saying, "I'm number one!" I'm not sure if she's referring to numerical order or her status and superiority... (We think it's the latter one.)
Proof that there is going to be extra "Girl Power" in the Christensen home! That little arrow pointing to the hamburger is in fact her girly parts! She's beating Miley Sirus with scandalous photos posted online already! Daddy's going to have a serious talk with her when she gets here.

This photo displays her beautiful and healthy spine.... proof that mommy's already taking wonderful care of her! Props to Me ;)
We would have to say that this is one of our all time favorites! In this photo she is sucking her thumb and crossing her legs... how could not just love this?!?! She is certainly making it difficult to wait for her, being all cute like that... little tease!

This is a picture of the tiny toes that Daddy will be counting carefully in a few months and Mommy will be tickling!
This is one of the most beautiful profile shots of (name is TBA)! We are so excited, especially for her to play with all her little cousins that are going to be just her age! She may have to be a bit of a tomboy to keep up with all the little rascals. GOOD LUCK to everyone else who is patiently waiting too!

Disclaimer: (I hope you enjoy this post because the next one may not come for a while... sorry school is very consuming... lol.. we have no excuses!)


Anonymous said...

Those are some great pictures--it's funny I can actually tell what they are-- it used to seem hard to interpret those pictures. I especially love the one where she's sucking her thumb. I am so excited for you!!! Little girls are so sweet-- Jacob wanted a boy at first, but now Dessie's got him wrapped around her finger--although he is glad now to be getting his boy too. :) You will be such cute parents!

My Family said...

Hi! This is Natasha! CONGRATZ on the baby girl!! You guys are gonna have so much fun!! Now you finally can go and buy out the whole girls department!!

P.S. I'm so terribly sorry for cutting our conversation short, last time I saw you in Jcpennys.

Travis, Mandy, and Mason said...

Hey Christensen family! I hope you don't mind, but I found your blog on Chambrae's! CONGRATS! It is SOO fun having kids. You guys will be fun parents! Keep in touch! Our blog is privite, but I can add you with an e-mail address if you want! Love-Travis and Mandy!

roxanne said...

Look at that cute butt!!!!!

Brooke and Kent said...

WoW! I am sure she will be so glad to see that you showed off her whowho at such an early age!