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Friday, April 2, 2010

!!!April Fools.... You Fools!!!

I'm NOT pregnant you FOOLS!!!!

So, as many of you already know, Wade and I are the biggest pranksters. We love pranking, it's our nature. Often times we don't think about what consequences may reap from our actions... but the surge of adrenaline and unstoppable laughter are worth it in our minds. So what day could be better than April 1st I ask? None! This is one of the best days of the year where people socially accept our cruel intentions and all of a sudden we're not "rude or mean" but instead we are "crafty and creative"! Unfortunately, we didn't take advantage of yesterday as much as we should have. However, we did a few good jokes/pranks that surpass many of our common, trivial ones. Enjoy! (If you don't read all of them, at least read #3 it's our favorite!)

1. I called home crying hysterically because, I "ran off the road" because of they snowy conditions. I was very impressed by Wades calmness and caringness about my well being. I just about had him running to my location to come help me. Simple and easy. (Sorry Wade, it was just too easy!)

2. "I'm pregnant!" Now this is not a very original idea either; however, the boldness was what got people thinking... "could she really be pregnant?" Announcing a pregnancy on my blog is one thing but then posting a link to my blog to all the nosy people of Facebook is a completely insane idea. However, I know that all the people that have nothing better to do than find gossip on FB and then spread it to everyone and their mothers has been accomplished. Now I'm sure I have been labeled, "Crazier than her mother" in my hometown, because of my quickness in conceiving again.... I may have to correct people for months on this one, but still worth it.

3. "Drive Thru Madness" Now we found this idea on YouTube and just had to try it out. First we typed up a sheet of paper that read:

Sing "Happy Birthday" to
the drive thru person and
receive a FREE drink of
your choice!
Have a nice Day!

We then printed several of these off with a picture of the store logo on it to make it more authentic. Wade and I found our first victim "Taco Bell" and just sat and waited after taping it to the speaker. It was hilarious to hear the confusion that occurred the first time someone sang Happy Birthday to them. Then after they took the sign down, we put up another one. They were stumped on all this madness.
We went to a few other locations like McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and Arctic Circle but their speakers weren't in the best locations... Then we found our MECCA of drive-thru's. Jack-In-The-Box!!! The first singer was asked to take the sign down and bring it to the window. Luckily we had another one. When the next group of singers came along, we were shocked to hear the Drive-thru guy ask... "What kind of drink would you like?" He continued to give FREE drinks out to everyone in the next 5 cars who sang Happy Birthday to them (even if there were 5 ppl. in the car)!! We then took advantage and got in line, we too got FREE drinks... This was our first prank that we really SCORED BIG!!! When we got to the window we asked, "Is it the Birthday of Jack-In-The-Box or something?" and the man replied, "No, it's just an April Fools prank our Managers are playing on us." We began laughing so hard when we began to imagine the conversation that occurred between the employees and the manager this morning.
Employee: "Nice try on pranking us, but you didn't fool us."
Manager: "What are you talking about" (with sincerity)
Employee: "We're not dumb, so we got you back" "We gave free drinks to everyone who sang 'Happy Birthday' last night."
Manager: "You did what!!! (with irateness) You are idiots!!!!!"


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Hey katie!
what is your guys' address back in WV? let me know so I can mail you the pictures I took to you, wade and aubrey when we went snowmobiling :) thanks! hope the move went well and you guys are all having a fun summer