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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I am well behind on the whole blog. I have basically dumped pictures in from the last 3 months (October- December 2012).  We have had so much fun at the end of the year with all the Holidays we love to celebrate! The kids are getting so big. Aubrey is 3 1/2 and Liam is 14months and Baby #3 is on the way and due the middle of May 3013! We are so excited about what the New Year has in store for us. Hopefully we can close on our first home. The home searching process has been a long and exhausting process so hopefully it will end soon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the pictures as I give you a little description of each.

 Aubrey Plays Soccer!
 Miss A enjoyed her first year playing soccer. In the beginning it was rough. She wouldn't even walk on the field. Eventually she would go out if she was hold either Wade or I's hand. However, in the end she was running up and down that field and even kicked the ball once or twice. Most of the time you would find her and Brenton holding hands. We counted the two of them as 1 player.

Happy Halloween!

 This is a picture of one of our many Halloween parties. We were scheduled to go to a party and we got the date mixed up so when we arrived with the kids in all their attire and no party, we decided to move it to our house. We had a parade around my house, a dance party, face painting, spooky stories, and yummy snacks and games. We ended up having a really great time. 

 Our tradition each year is to go to our favorite "Sweet Apple Farm" and pick pumpkins, see/feed the animals and go through the corn maze. We ditched our map and decided to go on our own because it would be "too easy." We ended up getting super lost and were excited when we saw the end (well actually we came out the entrance). 
 Liam and Aubrey milking the fake cow! 

 My proud babies and their adorable pumpkins they picked themselves. 

Liam turns 1!
 We had a Mustache themed birthday party for our Little Man. I made him a shirt that said, "If you MUSTACHE, it's my birthday" and everyone wore their customized mustache. We also had a mustache cake, and I even hand made mustache plates and cups. It was a fun party!
 All the party guests with their Mustache's on

 Mommy and Aubrey 

Christmas Celebrations!
 Another favorite tradition of ours is to go to a little colonial fort called "Fort New Salem"
Aubrey got to decorate her own gingerbread man in the tavern. 

 She made her own candle by dipping her wick again and again in wax. 

 Liam enjoyed eating the cookies and watching Aubrey work. 
They also had caroling around a tree as they lit it with real candles. It was so much fun to go to each workshop and learn about the culture of Christmas in that time period. 

 Poor Liam at least made it a whole year before he was forced to play princess' with his big sister. 

 Aubrey and Liam sitting on Santa's lap after one of our county parades. They got to sit on Santa's lap over 6 times this year. No wonder Santa new exactly what they wanted. 

 We went to a festival of trees that had numerous themed trees. However, Aubrey's favorite was the little "Hello Kitty" tree.

 One morning we got up early and went to the State Park to have breakfast with Santa. Aubrey and Liam got to sit on Santa's lap several time this day while we were there. 

 Liam was having a difficult morning so Mrs. Clause stood up and came over to cheer him up. He absolutely LOVED it and so did Aubrey!

Our First real Snowy Day!
 We were gone all day Christmas shopping, house hunting, and going to the baby doctor. We promised Aubrey no matter what time it was when we got home we could play in the snow. 

 Three little Eskimos 

We took Liam out one time last year but he was so little. This year was his first real play time in the snow. He Loved/ Hated it.  His gloves kept popping off and he would get a fist full of snow and it would make him so mad.  He and I quit a little early. 

 Aubrey and Daddy stayed out a little longer to add the finishing touches onto their adorable "Sammy the Snowman"

Christmas Eve!
 All the adorable kiddies dressed up and performed the First Christmas for the adults to watch. 

 Next, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and cousin Sarah found the nut. Afterwards we bundled up and went Christmas Caroling on Gma and Pops road. It was so much fun. 

After all the cousins went home and the house got quiet, we stayed the night and got settled in.
 Pop helped Aubrey hang her stocking from the chimney with care!

 Grandma helped her little buddy Liam hang his stocking too!

 My two little Christmas Angels. 

Christmas Morning Magic!
 Liam surprised to see all the presents wrapped under the tree. 

 Aubrey had such a hard time containing her excitement. She was so excited! She immediately started unwrapping the presents. We had to remind her several times that we had to read the label to see who it was for before we opened them all. I was so proud of how grateful she was. She would say things like, "Thanks Dad, You're the BEST!" or just randomly come up to me and hug me around the neck and say, "Thank you so much, this is the best Christmas EVER!" It made it all so worth it!
 All the stocking were full with Christmas Goodies!

 All the presents under the tree. 

 Even though our Little Man can't talk yet, he sure showed his appreciation as well. As soon as he was given his Elephant, he hugged it close to his face and laid down on the floor on top of it. Melted my heart!

Merry Christmas from our Family of 5 to yours!
A day or two after Christmas, we announced that baby #3 will be joining our family this coming May. We are so excited. I am actually 20 weeks already. We tried to keep it a secret until we had our first appointment but it was pretty difficult since I didn't go to the Dr. until I was already 19 weeks. We had an ultrasound and all looks good and healthy. We decided to NOT find out the gender. It was really hard especially when the technician kept asking, "Are you sure you don't want to know? I have it right here." She kept teasing us and would scroll around the legs and say, "I can show you right now." We held our ground though and will be surprised in May! Aubrey is hoping for a girl super bad.  Anyways, we hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year! We love and miss you all!


Emily said...

Loved loved loved the blog! Even though I was with you and experienced most of these things with you, it is still great to see ALL the pictures and read the stories :) it's also

painty (Melinda) said...

I love all the fun pictures! The mustache party is such a cute idea and those two cute kiddos are just adorable! Congratulations on number three! You should move to Utah someday so we can see you more often.