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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jersey Beach Bums!

This summer Wade and I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to both play and to be bums on the beach. This last week we spent time at Ocean City , N.J. After helping Uncle bob with a few chores and errands on Saturday, we grabbed our suits and headed strait for the beach to play with Mom, Tom, Roxanne, Jadyn, and Kaya. We got plenty of good waves with our boogie boards. Luckily there were no Jellyfish this time! Next, we enjoyed walking on the board walk and indulging ourselves with authentic Jersey pizza, fried oreos, and fudge. Not to mentioned we got to ride the carousel with the girls! We certainly had a blast these last few weeks of our summer break!Jersey Beach Bums!
Katie and Jadyn on the Merry Go Round

Katie acting like shes on babe watch.

Wade, the REAL babe watch!


Jacob said...

When you arrived at the beach did you rip your shirt off and tell, "It's off already!"?

~The Youngs~ said...

Hi there! Remember me? How has your summer gone?

Erica Kirby said...

You guys are way too in love. Gross!