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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trip to Idaho!

Good Bye... Apartment, Good Bye... West Virgina!

I know it's been a long time since we have updated our blog, but I guess we got carried away in the move back to Idaho and then immediately into school . Leaving to Idaho was really difficult, because that meant saying goodbye to all our friends and family in West Virginia. I really had a great time living back home because I could always be hanging out with someone. However, we had to face the inevitable and leave. Luckily, Mom and Dad followed us half way and joined in our adventures.

Parker eating his nanna at Doug and Sues house.

Parker, Laura, Aunt Sue, and Katie down at the lake
The first day we traveled to Ohio where we stayed with Adam, Sarah, and the boys.Unfortunately, we did not get to spend as much time as we wanted with them.
On day two, we made about a 12 hr. trip to Arkansas to see Todd, Laura and Parker. That was a blast because Parker is getting so big and is talking a bunch. Parker kept telling funny jokes about farmers and saying, "I love you sooo much aunt Katie." That was one phrase I couldn't get tired of. After spending a couple of days in Arkansas, Laura and Parker followed us to Missouri to visit Uncle Doug and Aunt Sue.

Parker in his water glove... what a stud!

Wade tubing, oh so gracefully.

Behold... The less than graceful way to tube. Yes, that is Katie and yes those are her bottoms falling down.

Mom and Dad enjoying the the glassy lake.

The first day with Doug and Sue, we had a picnic and traveled down to the Lake for rides on Uncle Doug's boat and to take a dip in the water. I warned Wade that Uncle Doug doesn't go easy on anybody. However, Wade didn't believe me and tempted him by saying, " I put quarters in rides that were more intense than that." Uncle Doug took that as an invitation, and threw Wade off in a matter of seconds. Let's just say that Wade kept quiet after that ride. The both of us had a great time being thrown off the tube. Though, the next day we both felt like we had been in a car accident with a semi-truck. It took us a couple of days to recover from the boat.

The Titanic Museum in Branson, M.O.. It was such a neat and fun museum.

The day we left Missouri, we took one last detour with everyone to Branson where we went to the Titanic museum. It was a really neat because it was shaped like the ship, and we each got a boarding pass that contained a name of a person who rode the actual ship and why they were one it and where they were going. Mine was a young girl who was engaged to get married, and Wade's was the husband and father of family who was his life. At the end of the trip we got to see a list of those who lived and died. My lady lived, while Wade's died. After "riding" the Titanic and taking a tour, Wade and I said goodbye to everyone and continued west.

We took a real quick trip to Omaha to visit Bob and Chambrae, but then we left before they even woke up the next morning. The last travel day was the worst because it was only suppose to be a 12hr. trip which turned into a 17hr. trip, who knows how that happened?

Finally, around midnight we made it to Utah where we immediately hit the sack, but did a lot of visiting with Wade's family the next day. It was nice to see his family again; however, I guess the brothers couldn't get enough of each other so they planned another family outing to go boating, since we missed the first one. However, that's another andventure I'll write about in my next blog.


Cham, Rob and Alexis said...

Yea, you guys left us early!!! I demand a re visit! :) I love the pictures!OH! And we will be home this weekend!

Brooke and Kent said...

umm i can't believe how big Parker is.
Looks like yall had fun!

The Hulbert Family said...

okay your wedding pic is super cute! I would love to see them all sometime.

Laura said...

Awesome blog Katie! You guys will need to come visit us again soon.

Loved talking to you today! Love ya!