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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Festivities!

Happy Halloween

Indeed it was a Happy Halloween! Some may say that being short is bad and doesn't have it's benefits; however, Wade and I could tell you that it does have it's sweet aspects! Last year Wade and planned to go trick-or-treating, but unfortunately I had a few tests that I had to take. This year we decided that we were definitely going to go no matter what. In the following pictures, you will see that we certainly reaped the benefits of our hard labors.

Look at all that candy baby! There are even full size candy bars... who does that?

I know it looks like I don't need any of that candy... but just being near it still makes me happy!

We needed costumes that would cover our faces as not to expose our identities and actual ages so we ran to Wal-mart and whipped together two really "scary" ghost costumes. This is a picture of me(Katie). Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera died before I could take pictures of Wade's costume. However, our costumes looked pretty much the same except Wade had a black hat on and a red smile instead of a pink one.

This is another picture of me just being scary. When Wade and I started trick-or-treating we really felt out of place, because all of the kids were literally 8yrs. old and younger. What's wrong with kids today?, they turn 9 and they no longer think it's cool to dress up in whatever you want and get a bunch of free candy.... Seriously?!? I love trick-or-treating and it was devastating to me when they discouraged kids over 13 to not go. Obviously, I kept going clear through my senior year... and still today. I really can't wait until we have kids so I can at least have an excuse to go. We almost stopped until we got to the third house and they gave us full size candy bars.... really, who could resist?

Getting Ready For Halloween

On Tuesday, Wade and I invited Brooke and Kent over to engage in our pumpkin carving traditions. Every year, since last year, we've gotten together to see which couple can carve the best Jack-o-lantern. After we carved our pumpkins we rounded up several guys from our apartment to judge whose was the best, that way it was unbiased and fair. I know this may not be a surprise to some of you but Wade and I won the carving competition! We carved a really scary haunted tree and Brooke and Kent carved a spooky couple, I will admit theirs looked pretty good.

Our pumpkin before the lights were out. I know it looks good but just wait until the lights are out

Even though the picture is a little blurry, doesn't it look so darn good?

This is Brooke and Kent's jack-o lantern, its hard to see with the lights out but it's ok.

I know that everyone who is reading this may be thinking that they should quit their careers in pumpkin carving... but I encourage you to keep trying, please understand that not everyone can be as good as us, We don't mean to brag but we're pretty much experts.


Brooke and Kent said...

oh please, pack up your bag and go home, we totally would have won if there were more people judging! haha

Brooke and Kent said...

ummm I thought you were going to call us if you went trick or treating!? umm... half of that candy is rightfully ours!

Anonymous said...

Ah, we miss you guys! Can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving.