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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Belly is Growing!!

"Our Baby Girl is Getting Bigger!"

I have been bombarded with questions from all our loved ones who are far away such as: "How big are you now?," "Where are all the pictures,?" and "Do you look pregnant yet?" Well this post is to answer all those questions so I will let you be the judge of how I am growing. While at times it is discouraging to be getting so big, I love seeing the evidence of our baby girl getting bigger and bigger preparing for our arms.

For the last couple of weeks I have been spooning myself into all of my shirts, praying that they will just fit a little bit longer. However, on Monday we finally broke down and bought me a couple of maternity shirts and a pair of pants. I decided to model two of those shirts for you.

Did you feel that?
We have had the pleasure of feeling her move all over the place for the last couple of weeks. I was really nervous for a while because everyone else had been feeling their babies for weeks. However, since I first felt her, she hasn't slowed down one bit. We love it!

Again here I am modeling another pretty maternity shirt. It's a little hard seeing my belly so I had to gather it in the back so you could see my belly a little better.

Wow! That was quick, wasn't it? I am not too sure how I will be able to make it another 16wks at this rate. Just kidding.... but here is a preview of what I will be looking like shortly!Add Video
Sorry about the immodesty of the images above, I just wanted you to get the full effect of how I have been growing month by month. We somehow forgot February, so you can see a big increase just from January to March. Hopefully, we will be better at getting a picture in every month. The last picture is the same time I took all of the others above. I can't believe I was complaining of how fat I felt in December... boy, do I need get a better perspective?


Anonymous said...

You still look so petite! Although, definitely pregnant and bigger than your skinny self. I'm glad she's been moving around for you more now, it's fun to feel them move, at least until it starts to hurt! We are excited to see you this week!

Jacob said...

Don't worry Kate, the perspective will come. I promise, it will come.

Brooke and Kent said...

its been a while.... like a month, so you must be bigger right?.... Show me!