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Monday, May 18, 2009

Let Summer Begin!

Saturday was a beautiful day so we took the opportunity and went hiking. Around 1:00 we packed a backpack with a light lunch and headed to "R" Mountain. At first, it appeared to be just a brisk little hike. However, shortly after beginning, I was tired. Sometimes I feel great and forget that being pregnant has slowed me down, but we continued to plunge up the Butte. About half way up the butte, a horse trailed after us. However, the incline was too steep so the owner backed the horse down. I began to loose confidence in myself when a healthy horse couldn't even make it up. Finally as we trudged on, we reached the ridge of the butte. About 5 mins. after reaching the top, a woman 2 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy ran past me. Now I was really feeling out of shape... but hey... Round is a shape... right? Actually, after we got to the top, I was feeling really good and we hiked all the way around the ridge of the butte. It took us a total of 4 1/2 hours and we hiked about 4 miles. We felt really successful until at the end, a mountain biker zoomed past us as he was just beginning and then finished before we reached the bottom. Anyways... It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time. It was really nice to soak in a bit of sun after a long Rexburg winter. We fortunately remembered our camera and took a lot of pictures along the way... Enjoy!

I wasn't that close to the edge... promise.

The two of us!

My Sexy Mountain Man.

This is a picture of me about 1/4 of the way up the Mountain, preparing to be "Super Mom"

I think I'm starting to look pregnant.

You could see for miles!

Wade, deep in thought

As you can see, we saw lots of wild life... I think this was a buffalo.

Sitting on a peak.

Together again.

There were lots of cool rock formations.

Katie on a rock formation

Again... deep in though... If only we could read his mind.

Wade posing for National Geographic

Wade climbing up the mountain without any gear!

I was freaking out when he got this high... but boys will be boys.

This was a really cool pores' rock we found!

We finally made it to the "R"--- It's a little hard to see,but all that white is part of it.

Me standing on the "R"

Wade's little friend that he found... they got really close that day

Front view of our little skulled friend.


Little Farmer Family said...

Yay!! We found you're blog! I didn't realize you guys were in Rexburg. And only 5 weeks left!! Congrats on a girl!!

Brooke and Kent said...

oh how fun!!! I cant believe how big you are and your short hair! I love it all. You look so good! I am glad you even made it half way up the mountain! Very impressed!

Laura said...

Wow, I definitely look more pregnant than you...and yet, I'm like 4 weeks behind you or something rather! I can't believe you hiked that mountain, though, and didn't go into labor. I wouldn't worry about having a baby as big as Parker. You're looking pretty tiny really. I think anyway. I love you tons!

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed that you made that hike! Looks like you had fun.