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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Aubrey!

Aubrey is one week and one day old! As of yesterday, she already lost her umbilical cord! She is moving along so fast! We absolutely love being parents! Sorry that it has been a week and no update, but we don't get much done around our house anymore... not that being parents of an infant has been that time consuming, but we find ourselves just staring at her for hours. When she is asleep, it would be a perfect opportunity to nap or get things accomplished; however, it's more fun to watch her! I'm sure in time it will wear off a little bit but we're enjoying every moment of it now.

The second night in the hospital

Aren't these just the cutest jammies... All the nurses were raving over her cute bunny feet

Don't let her fool you... she can give a scowl just as provoking as this innocent look.

Aubrey's going home outfit... We bought this for her the day we found out she was a girl!

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Ready for her first car ride... home!

This is the car seat Aubrey's cousin Aleigha let her borrow... she loves it so much... Thank you Aleigha!

Aubrey's first few moments at home... she's sitting on her play mat/ bobby that Jessie got her!

Visiting with her Grandma!

Trying out her new sling... she always curls her little fist under her cheek when she sleeps.

I left Aubrey with Wade for just a few minutes on the bed and returned to find them both asleep in the same position... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The day after we got home, we went to an air show... here we are ready to go!

She is beautiful!

Sorry, I have hundreds of other pictures and I had a really hard time picking and choosing which ones I wanted to add. However, I will add more pictures and comments soon, because there are plenty more. These are just of her first 4 days... there are still 4 more and more to come! I hope you enjoy all these pictures as much as we do!


roxanne said...

Katie she is so beautiful. I love the picture of Wade and her sleeping how funny.You guys sure do make a beautiful baby. Cant wait to recieve pictures and to met her.

Little Farmer Family said...

She is such a pretty little lady!! I can't believe how great you look already!! They sure are fun!!

SellersFamily said...

awww... katie and wade! she's beautiful!! love you guys, and cannot wait to meet her!!! remember to give her kisses from aunt annie!!!

Anonymous said...

She is just so adorable, I had to come look at her pictures again.