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Friday, June 26, 2009

More on Aubrey!

Here are few more pictures of little Aubrey... Every day is such a blessing to wake up with her beside us in her bassinet. Most nights have been pretty good, she's starting to get the hang of the whole morning/night thing... however, we still have a long ways to go. Today I was actually a little successful because I had an assignment due in one of my classes... Aubrey and I took my mom to the temple and she and I sat and waited in the car while I worked on it. After my mom got out she helped me entertain Aubrey so I could finish it. I better not procrastinate anymore because my mom will be gone soon and I won't be able to put it off to the last minute anymore. Anyways... aside of all this boring text, here are pictures of our little princess. Enjoy!
This is what Aubrey does most of they day... eventually she'll do it at night... right?

She is so angelic when she sleeps.

Aubrey's first bath at home... Wade video taped while I asked my mom what to do next every other second.

Although we don't have a tub, we thought it was still a worthy moment to bring out the rubber duckies.

She was so alert and happy throughout most of her bath time.

She always looks as if she is deep in thought... I wonder what she thinks about all the time

She loves spending time with her Grandma we are really going to miss her when she leaves

Grandma is a good teacher... Aubrey listens so intently.

When Wade and I were engaged we lived in Washington so that is where I got my dress hemmed and altered. Because I am so short, there was a couple of feet of material left over. I asked her to save the scraps so someday "I" could make a blessing outfit for our future babies. So this past week "we" started making Aubrey's Baby Blessing Dress. If we have anymore girls they too will be able to wear it... if it holds up. Wade is actually the one making it; however, I am very good at observing and overseeing it (haha). Wade did not have the confidence to do it on his own so he recruited the help of his Aunt Dalene. So for the last few days we have driven to Idaho Falls where Wade, Dalene, and my Mom have worked diligently on her gown. I did actually sew two seams on the skirt so I guess you could technically say that I helped a little. It was my idea though so that's my biggest contribution.

Wade behind the sewing machine... so focused! I don't care what you think... Real MEN sew!

Grandma getting the skirts ready to be sewn. She also made a dainty little bonnet for Aubrey. It too, is made out of my gown... So although our boys wont wear the gown they can wear the bonnet.

The real person behind all the scenes. She was such a great help. Although Wade did most of the sewing, she told him every step he needed to make. I'm sure this wouldn't have been able to be done without her.While they worked on the dress, Aubrey slept. I of course took care of her when she needed me.

We will post pictures of the final product as soon as it is done... We will also certainly take pictures of our little angel wearing her gown!

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Melinda said...

Aubrey is so adorable! I am so excited for you guys and so excited to see her. That's really neat that you are making her dress from your wedding gown fabric! Aubrey looks so perfect, I am glad you are enjoying her and doing so well!