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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots of Summer Fun!

Before Aubrey was born it was easy to update our blog even after months of not posting because we had very few pictures to incorporate. However, now that it's only been a couple of weeks since I've updated, I had to pick and choose from a slew of pictures. We have had so much fun in the last couple of weeks since she has been born and we want to share all of events with you. Since I last posted, we finished Aubrey's blessing dress after hours of labor. Aubrey had her 2 week appointment and measured in at 7lbs. 2oz.. I swear she has probably gained at least another 1/2 lb. since then. That same day we picked up Molly and Dad from the airport and had a blast with them in just the few days they were with us. We enjoyed swimming at Rigby Lake, Green Canyon, Date Night at the Rex, Aubrey's Baby Blessing, Fireworks and more. Unfortunantly, Wade and I dropped them back off at the airport with Mom on July 4th. We then enjoyed Independence Day with Wade's family as we went to the Parade, had a picnic, played softball, played games, and saw the Melaluca fireworks. Let's just say after all that fun we were exhausted! However, we enjoyed every minute of our fun and are excited to continue to have fun this summer. Aubrey isn't even 3 weeks old and she has already done more than most babies her age.

Aubrey playing dressup in the tutu Aunt Chambrae gave her!

How long do I need to hold this pose?

Aubrey trying not to smile... We caught her though... Don't you love the dimple?

Finally, she got to meet her Grandpa! The beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Yay, Aunt Molly!...I know she will teach me to be cool!

Aubrey's 2week appointment. She has the coolest Dr. Office, each room has a different theme... We got to go to Narnia this time. Although the room was cool, she didn't enjoy her visit very much... First off, she was starving, then they pricked her foot for the Newborn Screening Test. I have never heard her scream so bad, I wanted to cry. However, she was rewarded with boobie juice shortly after... it wasn't so bad after that. This was the appointment where she weighed in at 7lbs. 2oz. Her birth weight was 6lbs. 8oz.... Like I said she likes her boobie juice.

Molly, Mommy, Daddy, and Aubrey hanging out at Rigby Lake!

We had a blast in the paddle boats that we rented... We all got really wet trying to splash each other! Dad and Wade were ruthless!

We switched things up so someone could always stay with Aubrey, here's Molly and Mom being chased by Wade and Dad.

Ready for attack!

This is before we enjoyed the lake... we were all so nice and dry, not for long though.

Family picture in front of the lake.

This was the date night at the Rex... It was only $9 a person for unlimited bowling and billards, a pizza, icecream, soda and a new release movie... We watched "My Sister's Keeper." It was a really good, but depressing movie. We all had a blast that night.
This is Mom after almost getting a strike!

Dad's turn... looks like his ball is headed strait for the gutter... He kept blaming the lights and his inner ear problem... poor guy!

Sitting in the shade at Green Canyon... It was such a beautiful day... this was the same day Aubrey got her Father's blessing.

Molly, Wade, and Mom soaking up the sun!

Mom and Dad at Green Canyon, what a cute couple!

Here is Aubrey preparing to meet her Uncle Pat, she's already mastered her poker face!

Aubrey has spent way too much time with Aunt Molly and Grandma, she's already addicted to the phone like they are.

Aubrey helping mommy with homework... she wanted to hurry it up so we could go to Green Canyon before her blessing.

Right before the blessing and dinner with Grandma and Grandpa... she was dressed up so pretty.

Wade showing off his masterpiece right before we got her dressed.

Aubrey in her dress. She woke up and was hungry, but everyone was STRESSED for time so I had to cut her off and give her the pacifier instead... boy did this make her angry.

Right after her blessing, we took a few pictures. However, she was still angry about being cut off so we didn't get too many.

Another family picture of the 3 of us.

All of her cousins loved holding her! This one is of Alex.

Aleigha holding Aubrey with the blanket her Grandma Christensen made her. It was so beautiful!

Susie holding Aubrey!

Another picture of Aubrey before the blessing in her pretty pink dress.

We stopped by Rigby lake on the way home to catch the fireworks... Here is Dad holding Mom and Aubrey while watching the show.... Molly, Wade, and I were on the roof of the car.

Grandma got to hold Aubrey during the show... there are fireworks behind them but the camera didn't catch them that well... Aubrey did really good, she only jumped once during the show.

Here is a picture of one of the fireworks, Wade was able to capture it with a long exposure.
We took a little photo op' when we got home, because we didn't get many at the church... In this picture you can see the full dress... It was gorgeous on her.

Instead of crying, she slept in most of these pictures... I guess beggars can't be choosers, can they?

Mom and Dad holding Aubrey the night before they left. Can you tell she was pretty tired of the whole ordeal?
Are those eyes?!? Yay! we got a picture of Aubrey with her eyes open. She really does love her Grandma and misses her already.
This is one of our favorites, we love her little pouty lips. You can get a really good view of the bonnet mom made for her in this picture.
Still sleeping, but oh so precious!
She is such a blessing to us.

We caught her smiling in this picture... I think she was pretending to be asleep and was smiling at the thought of the idea.
Another smile, this time you can see her little dimple!
She opened her eyes for one minute and we took this as quickley as possible.

After we dropped everyone off at the airport, we went to IHOP. Aubrey ate first in the car, then Daddy and I got to enjoy our breakfast too.

Waiting to go into IHOP, making sure she got all the food she wanted... This is her content face, so I think we are good to go!

After the softball game at Wade's Aunt's house Aubrey and I took a nap and I took some pictures of her ity bity feet... I know I stole this from Chambrae and Emily, but who could resist?

Thos are my favorite feet... I love to kiss her little toes.
Here's the same picture in color... I just love it!

A little bit of tummy time, before we left for the fireworks!
I stole these 2 pictures from my sister-in-law, Andrea because I wanted everyone to see how beautiful it was where we waited to see the fireworks. We were sitting by the river across from the temple.

The firework show was amazing, it lasted about 30min. and there was not one dull moment in the show... We really enjoyed our Independence Day and are so grateful for all those who serve our country so we can enjoy our freedom and do all the fun things that we love doing! Thank you and you are in our hearts and prayers... God Bless You!


Little Farmer Family said...

I still think she is the cutest!!! I loved the dress!! Leave me your email and I'll send you that pic of her at the parade!! So Cute!!

Laura said...

She's beautiful Katie and Wade! We can't wait to meet her one of these days. Sorry my phone died while we were talking Katie. I'll give you a call later...well, hopefully soon...like tonight (pray we'll go into labor tonight!!!) Love ya tons!

tomsfamily said...

She is so beautiful. you guys are gonna be in trouble when she grows up.

Wade said...

She is SO cute. You have the PERFECT baby!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Love the feet pictures. Beautiful dress--way to go on that! LOL all the pictures of her holding stuff. Wish we could've been there for the blessing. And go Katie! You look great and must be having an awesome recovery. I think I am finally up to doing half the stuff you've been doing! I hope Audrey and Andrew can meet soon!

Anonymous said...

...oh, and I LOVE her dimple. :)

Jason and Ivy- The Only Kids Left in Idaho said...

She's beautiful! I love the dress! Enjoy her now because they grow up so fast! Five months for me has gone in a blink of an eye!

Brooke and Kent said...

Man.... Lots of fun! YOu all look so sweet and you look rockin. Your hoo haas arre huge and you got your little waste back. So there you go. Tell Wade the dress was beautiful! I am glad you had so much fun with your family and so glad everything is going well with Aubrey. oh yeah and if I hear the word baby juice again I might throw up!

love ya

Laura said...

She's adorable! I love all the pictures.

Emily said...

Hey! I love your guy's blog! Aubrey is absolutely adorable and I can't wait until I can meet her and hold her! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks...I've been counting down the days!! Anyways, I love all the pics. I just showed Chris the pics too and he got a big kick out out the card, phone, and pen pictures. We love and miss you guys tons!! Can't wait to see your next blog.

Jake n Jaime said...

Hey Katie! You have one of the cutest lil girls :) You need to tell me how you made her block name thingy, it's super cute. All I have made are binkie clips! Anyway I hope you don't mind I added your blog to mine. I just started one so if you wanna check it out it's http://taraskiewicz.blogspot.com/