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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"My Light Sleepers"

A Walk Down Memory Lane

When Wade and I were dating, he invited me and a couple of my friends to spend time with his family around Thanksgiving. While we were in Utah my friends an I of course wanted to participate in the Black Friday shopping. Wade wasn't excited about the whole shopping idea, especially since we wanted to get up at 4:oo am. to hit all the best stores. Because he was still trying to woo me, he reluctantly agreed to take us. However, he did not think we were serious enough so he said that if he didn't have to set his alarm and we would wake him up then he would go. The next morning around 4am. I quietly crept up the stairs to wake him up. I found him curled in a ball on his living room floor. Trying to be a sweet girlfriend, I gently nuged his shoulder and whispered his name. All of a sudden, Wade jerked his face to look at me and he appeared as if he was looking at a monster. As he made a Shrieking YELP, he got up and began to run towards the kitchen. I didn't know what to do so I just stepped aside and watched the event. With his first few steps, Wades sock-covered feet slipped all over the tile floor. Then the inevitable happened: With a loud thump, Wade hit the floor as if he were a sack of potatoes. Sure enough, Wade's mom made her way down the stairs to see what the ruckus was. I'm sure I made a good impression when she came down the stairs to find her son's girlfriend in the room he was sleeping in at 4 in the morning with all the lights off. I tried to quickly explain the situation, but who knows how my word held up. Now when Wade tells this story, he has a completely different twist. Instead of me gently nudging him and sweetly, whispering his name, I violently shook him and growled his name as if I were the Devil himself.
After telling this story to Wade's family, I was bombarded with several other similar stories about Wade's humerous sleeping habits that have occured throughout his life. These stories range from his parents finding him crying alone in the backyard in the middle of the night; to, him ripping his shirt off and yelling "it's off already!" in the car when his family got pulled over by a police officer and they were telling him to put his seatbelt on. I must say that he has calmed down a little bit in his sleep since we have gotten married; however, I have a feeling that he has passed this "light sleeping" down to little Aubrey. When Aubrey sleeps she is easily startled by any little noise.

This video is to illustrate Aubrey's sleeping habits. Granted, Wade and I with the help of our friends helped to induce this reaction. However, she does this countless othertimes throughout each nap she takes at even the littlest sounds. Now, instead of making fun of Wade, I can make fun with both of them. Now I know it seems cruel to find entertainment in her fear; however, I hope you enjoy too!


Robert Brown said...


tomsfamily said...

Katie you guys are so evil. I really enjoyed the story about Wade though.

Brooke and Kent said...

I think you could possibly be the worst parents in the world. hahaha by the way... funny story about wade.

Jake n Jaime said...

Hey are you in Utah yet, because we need to hang out!!

Anonymous said...

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