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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Oh' Where Have We Been?

"UP, UP and AWAY"

It has been so long since our last post because we have been busy, busy, busy. After a summer of homework, we were ready to get away. After packing up our modest apartment and quickly dropping all of our stuff off at Grandma and Grandad's house in Utah, we jumped on the first plane to Columbus!!! Here is a picture of me and Aubrey on the first flight she has ever taken (outside the womb). She did super awesome... she actually only started screaming when the plane landed... She really liked the hum of the plane and the constant turbulence.

Here is a picture of Wade holding Aubrey on the plane. We asked if they still gave out wings to kids. Unfortunately they stopped doing that; however, shortly after asking the stewardess came back with a "Certificate of First Flight" in which the lead flight attendant and the captain signed. We were way excited!!

After several hours of traveling, we finally made it to Columbus where Emily and Brenton were awaiting our arrival. We then crashed the night at Adam, Sarah and the Boy's house and were able to spend a little bit of time with them.

Eli: "HeeHee." Aubrey: "We're not dumb Eli, we know you're giving us bunny ears!"
Brenton: "Come on guys, just chill out."Brenton: "whoa... how did you guys get up there, I swear it was Eli?"

Aubrey & Brenton: "Something strange is going on, but we can crack the case."

Aubrey & Eli: "There are so many questions and amazing things in this big ole' world."
West Virgina FUN

Aubrey: "Brenton was cool enough to let me try out his Bumbo... I think I did pretty good, If I may say so myself."

Here is a picture of Aubrey just chillin' in the backseat while grandma entertains her.

Aleigha absolutely fell in love with Aubrey; however, I think sometimes Aubrey thought it was too much to handle.... For example, you can tell she's totally pretending to be asleep in this picture.

Aubrey loved meeting Aunt Jessie, even though it may not appear that way.

Three sisters and two babies enjoying Family Home Evening at Mountwood park while the guys played disc golf.

Aubrey's first bath in a real tub at Grandma and Grandpa's house... oh' how she loves the water!

Still practicing in the Bumbo... getting better all the time.
First Time Swimming: Crystal Lake

We decided to take a nice soft swing in the park before jumping into the big lake. Brenton liked it soo much he fell asleep.

Grandma & Grandpa swimming with the kids! Aubrey loves the water so much because she gets it from me, who gets it from my mom.

Our little family picture in the water.

All the adults decided to take a break while Aleigha "baby sat" the babies... Look how good she did swimming with them all alone in the water.

Aubrey looked so darn cute in her little bathing suite that Aleigha let her borrow.

After the babies got all dry they decided it was time to take a nap as they sun bathed.
Aubrey was so tired this night that she slept 10 full hours strait through the night.
FUN at the Ritchie County Fair
If you have a squeamish belly or you are terrified of snakes just skip the next picture.

While we were in West Virginia we decided to go enjoy the fair; a kid I went to HS with placed his snake in the pet show.... Afterwards, I asked him if he could let the snake slither on Aubrey so we could take a picture. She was so awesome the newspaper decided to take a picture of her! All her friends in Elementary school are going to think she is so cool one day.

Aleigha and I enjoyed a few rides at the fair, just before this exact ride broke... luckily we weren't on it that time.

While we walked around the mall one day, Aubrey and Brenton shared the stroller as the peacefully slept.... Everyone thought they were so precious and mistook them for twins. They were darling.
Now off to New Jersey for more FUN!

A week of our trip we spent in N.J with Tom, Rox and the girls. We also got to spend time with Uncle Bob as Aubrey got to meet him for the first time. The following picture of the two of them is just priceless. She loved Uncle Bob and he loved her too!

"Love at first sight"

This is right after I told the girls a "very scary" story... can't you tell how horrified they were?

Down at the Jersey Beach

Grandma, Jadyn and Kaya looking so cute and having soo much fun.

Aubrey decided to take a few glamor pictures on the beach

What a Doll!

Brenton decided to join in on the photo op'
ABC called them and want them to star in their new TV series "Baby Watch"

Unfortunately the babies lowered their standards as they did a nude scene in the premiere episode of the show: "Beach Bums"

They both are so dang cute!

This is a precious picture of Jadyn and Aleigha playing in a hole they found on the beach

Aubrey's first sand castle... We took our eyes off her for one minute and found her creating this.

Cute little sandy feet

Family picture... Aubrey has become the center of our life... if you haven't noticed that the focus of this blog has been mostly on her.

Then there were 3

Up close of those "baby blues"

A cute little Mommy and Daughter picture.

Grandma and Grandpa taking the babies down to the waters edge.
Aubrey didn't go too deep until Wade was holding her in to her waist and looked away for a minute when wave crashed into her and over her head... what a mean daddy.

A good family picture of all of us who enjoyed the day at the shore.

The babies got sleepy and decided to take a cat nap under the umbrella

Me, Jadyn and Kaya enjoyed digging daddy in the sand... until Kaya go scared and started to undig her daddy and save his life.

A cute picture of Mom, Dad and Aubrey on the shore

Another Mommy and Me picture

We enjoyed a couple days on the boardwalk... we even went to Atlantic city were a nice lady took this picture for us... unfortunately, Aubrey and I were cut out...but it's still pretty cute.
FUN in D.C.

We spent a couple nights in Washington D.C. where we celebrated Emily and Chris and the kids all getting sealed together.... It was such a wonderful day! They all looked so beautiful!

Aleigha trying to get Aubrey ready to go see the temple... what a good cousin.

Elizabeth and her husband and wade, Aubrey and I joined Emily and Chris in their family picture in front of the temple... we didn't plan the color coordination, but we look like we planned it.

A beautiful and Forever Family

I have the cutest family

What more can be said then.... awwwee!

Our little family in front of the D.C. temple
More FUN in downtown D.C.

The day after the sealing we enjoyed a quick but fun time in downtown D.C.. We got to go to the Smithsonian: Museum of Natural History... It was so neat, next time we will plan more time to see everything.

Dinosaurs were chasing us down through most of the tour.

The dinosaurs were beginning to get angry... It looks like everyone was freaking out in this picture... Good thing we didn't stay that long and were able to make it out before midnight and before the museum came to life!!!

The capitol of our Nation
): No More Fun... Back to School and work in Utah :(

Although were back to work, it isn't too bad. We have just started settling down in the basement at Grandma and Grandad Christensen's house. We really enjoy being able to spend more time with them. Plus, it's been nice to kind of get into some sort of routine for Aubrey's sake. She is really growing up these days. She is smiling more and more every day and is becoming more and more playful. It's been a little difficult for me because I have started student teaching so I don't get to spend much time with her throughout the day... however, I appreciate my time with her more and more every day.

Aubrey, likes to stare at the T.V. while she is propped up on the couch... she looks so grown up!

There is no better way to end a blog than with a friendly smile and our love!!!
We love and miss everyone who is far away!


Little Farmer Family said...

Party! Party!! It looks like you guys have had a good time with family! Your sister's baby looks so much like Aubrey! So fun! And she's getting so big!!

Laura said...

So many babies! Aubrey's a doll, I love her elephant outfit.

Emily and Rory said...

Aubrey's getting so big! We miss you guys!

Mom said...

I loved looking at your blog today!! The newest pictures of Aubrey that we had not seen were the ones of her propped up on your little couch! That made me miss her incredibly. She is so very precious!! Put some more new pictures up soon!Give her a big hug and kiss for me!
Love ya, MOM