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Saturday, September 19, 2009

More From the Gang!

Aubrey, is growing so fast and although it is sad to say goodbye to her itty-bitty infant stage, it is so much fun to watch her develop. She loves to just sit and chatter with anyone who will give her attention and show interest. Her smiles are so beautiful they could melt the heart of any old Grinch. I hate leaving her each day to do my student teaching but, I am always excited to come home and play with her. Student teaching is going well, last week I started to take over most of the class; however, starting this week, the class will become mine and I will be on my own. The students are so much fun and not to mention funny. I really got lucky with such a good class and an awesome cooperating teacher. My cooperating teacher is not much older than me and she is such a great teacher. I was so afraid that it would be really overwhelming; especially, with Aubrey being so young. However, my cooperating teacher has been such a help and she gives me all the support I need.

"Fun with Little Miss Sunshine"
Since Wade has started working for Wal-mart, he finds all sorts of good deals. He found this little blue dress for only $1! He couldn't pass up such a good offer for his little gal and brought it home to surprise her. She looks so cute in it.

"All ready for church in my little jean dress... boy did I look cute!"

"You can't make me smile!"

Okay, Okay... so you got me to smile... big deal."

Doing a little off roading with mommy, daddy, and Uncle Jared to find a good camping spot up in the Canyon.

This is our campsite up in the Canyon. Aubrey's first campout and fire!

Cuddling with Daddy as Aubrey was mezmorized by the fire.

Mommy teaching Aubrey all about being a Girl Scout

Uncle Jared had a hard time staying in the hammock, let alone getting into it, so Daddy tied him into it so he wouldn't fall out.

"Daddy making us popcorn while we just sat back, relaxed, and watched him work."
Camping was so much fun! We didn't have our tent with us, so we just put the seats down in the back of the Xterra and made our beds... I'm not sure we'll ever go back to sleeping in a tent. It was so easy to just get up and go again in the morning... plus we could watch movies on the lap-top in the car! But, I guess that's not really camping so we won't do that all the time. Aubrey did really well and loved the campfire, we are excited to continue to do fun things with her!

My mom bought Aubrey this little Bunny Blanket and she hasn't really used it much. However we dressed her up in all Bunny clothes and decided to have her hold the little blankie. As soon as the blanket touched her cheek, her eyes got heavy and she fell asleep. I think she will cuddle with it more often... Thanks, Grandma! We love you and miss you!

The other day Aubrey got a package in the mail from Crystal Jamison and inside were cute little baby clothes. This is our favorite outfit that she sent. Aubrey looks so grown up when she wears it, not to mention, stylish. Thanks, Crystal!

"My legs are getting so strong and I can hold my head up like I've been doing it for years!"

Daddy captured the cutest picture of Aubrey sitting up all by herself and only 3 months old... you go girl! (ok, so I may be giving her a little support, but still, she Rock!)

Still showing off her walking skills... she is so fun to play with! We miss everyone and are excited for the holidays to come along so we can see everyone before Aubrey gets too big!

Here are a few videos of Aubrey at her cutest... Most the time she is being so cute, then when the camera turns on she focuses on the camera and gets all serious.... I hope you enjoy!!

" Aubrey getting so big!" "We miss you all!"

"Girl Scout gone Camping"


Jason and Ivy- The Only Kids Left in Idaho said...

She's so cute Katie! Jacie's got the same outfit! It is adorable and it looks so cute on Aubrey!

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Aubrey is getting so big. Seeing you guys camping made me so jealous. I can't wait for all of you to be back in Rexburg. Miss you all.

Brooke and Kent said...

oh what a cute blanket she has!!!