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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities!

Happy Halloween!

This was Aubrey's first Halloween so we took some pictures so you all could be a part of all the fun and festivities she took part in. About a week ago we started our fun as Wade and I threw a Halloween party at Grandma's house. All the kids came dressed in their costumes. However, I unfortunately, didn't get any pictures of all the kids except Aubrey. They were all very cute though! Wade and I got cookies, eyeball stew, chips and salsa, candy, and all sorts of other goodies. Then we all had a weenie roast in the backyard around the fire pit as Wade's family shared stories of their childhood. It was really fun to hear all of their memories. We dressed Aubrey up as a ballerina princess; but, she was very tired fussy and not very photogenic
She couldn't understand what all the poof was all about

Aubrey was so excited and surprised to see all of her cousins dressed up

This hat was cute on her for the whole 2minutes that it stayed on.

All the kids enjoyed jumping on the trampoline in the dark!

Wade and Aubrey sitting around listening to scary stories.

Jena and Andrea, enjoying all the good food. You can tell Jena is a mom by all the weenies she can cook at one time... impressive!

The night before Halloween, Wade and I started carving our pumpkins we didn't get too far because Aubrey wasn't in the mood and Wade remembered that he needed to dress up for work. We paused in the carving process and threw together some stuff for Wade's costume.

After all was said and done, Wade was a news anchor in a terrible wind storm. We are so good!

After sleeping until 3 on Halloween, Wade, Aubrey,and I continued carving our pumpkins. This time, Aubrey was more compliant.

The pumpkins are almost done!

I turn my head for one minute and Aubrey started carving the pumpkin all by herself!

Aubrey: "How do you guys like my carving skills?"

Aubrey tried fitting herself into the jack-o-lantern, but soon realized that she isn't as small as she used to be.

After all was said and done, Aubrey was so excited to pose in front of her masterpieces!

She was so happy because she new that when the jack-o-lanterns were done, it was soon time to go trick-or-treating!

"Okay, I guess you can take one more picture, because I am so darn cute!"

Aubrey getting ready to get some candy... can you tell what she's going to be yet?

Her costume is starting to come together more... any ideas yet?

That's right!.... She was a "Jack-in-the-box" or you could say a "Jackie in a box"

I was a welding Wade for trick-or-treating!

Wade was a redneck, cowboy.... so, here are the 3 of us together right before we left!

Aren't the people suppose to be surprised when the "Jack in the box" pops up?... not the Jack

The last house we trick-or-treated was Grandma and Grand-dad's so they just had to take another picture of us.

Can you tell how much Aubrey liked her trick-or- treating experience?

Finally, Aubrey was able to get out of her box and stretch her little arms and legs!

Of course, Aubrey had to count and sort all of her candy and goodies.

"Yup, that's right, Aubrey got over 5 full sized candy bars, soda, apples, goldfish, and more... what a lucky baby!"

"Show us your favorite treat you got!"

I think Aubrey thought all of the candy was actually new toys because of all the bright colors and and crinkly sounds they made.

Right before we went to bed for the night, we lit up our jack-o-lanterns and Aubrey loved the warm orange glow they made.

We hope you all enjoyed your Halloween too! Happy belated Halloween to all those we love and miss!

I also got to enjoy some extra Halloween fun at the elementary school. My cooperating teacher and I stayed after school one day to create our costumes. I dressed up as a washer and she dressed up as a dryer. We had some of the coolest costumes that were there. We even got to march in the Halloween parade and have fun parties in our classroom! I unfortunately forgot my camera, but when I get copies from Lindsi, I'll be sure to post!


tomsfamily said...

Katie and Wade you guys make me laugh. You are too silly. Aubrey is too cute. We sure wish we could have been together for Halloween. Sure do miss you guys!!!!

Jake n Jaime said...

Loved the "Jack in a box" costume, how adorable!! I can't wait to hang out :)

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Well, well you two are so creative. All those costumes, I can't believe it. That is so fun. Aubrey is such a cutie and I loved her makeup for the jack-in-the-box. So fun. My only question is who ate all the candy? Did Aubrey go trick-or-treating or did you two??? Love you guys!

Brooke and Kent said...

I seem to remember a similar picture of wade laying in a bunch of candy last year. Is there a theme here? Was wade your play doll before Aubrey came along?

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! You guys are so funny :)