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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October Fun!

October is Here!
October seems to be my favorite month of the year. First off, I love the feeling of the crisp fall weather! I love the beautiful colors that present themselves on the trees this time of the year. Aside of the weather, I love all of the parties and celebrations that happen during this month. Not to mention, my Birthday! The first week of the month, I had 3 days off of school so Wade took the same days off and we headed to Idaho to run a few errands and enjoy conference with our friends. Friday night, we had a bon fire as we roasted wienies and marshmallows. After which, we used the fire to make Sobe bombs.

Aubrey had to get all bundled up for that Rexburg weather. but it was worth it to have such a cool fire.

Aubrey chillin' with her new buddy, Brooke near the fire!

Kent, Wade, Brett, Derik, and Jessica getting toasty

If you didn't know any better you'd think they were Aubrey's parents... might as well since her real parents seem to neglect her... lol.. just kidding.

Enjoying conference!

On our way back from Idaho, we decided to visit Jacob and Melinda in Logan. Aubrey was so excited to finally get to play with someone her own age. Andrew is getting so big and very handsome!

The following weekend, we celebrated the Best Day of the Year.... My Birthday! Wade woke me up at midnight on my Birthday with a dozen roses he picked up on his break. The next morning he came home early at 2am instead of 7am. so he could be well rested for the adventures that were to come. We left around 10am to go to Lagoon! This is Wade getting excited for all of those thrill rides! We left Aubrey for the first time for the longest time without either one of us home. However, I think she enjoyed her day with her Grandma.

At the park, Wade took me to a strip club for my Birthday.... The star was this Kangaroo who had a fetish for his privates!... He was very provocative, we decided to leave early.

While waiting in line for one of the rides, I saw the funniest yet smartest sign I had ever seen. We just had to take a picture... I'm glad they warned me because, I was really tempted to sit on it.

After the peep show and the tempting fence, we got ready to go to the square dance, I thought I was really excited until I saw Wade.

This is a picture of genuine excitement... However, I think this cowboy came strait from the movie Brokeback Mountain. He looks a little femmie with the hand on his tilted hip.

Before we left, we decided to pay a little extra to ride the bungie jump/ superman ride. I was really excited to ride this ride that would hoist you on a cord 150 feet into the air and then you pulled your own rip cord to free fall 20 feet and then swing back and forth across the park. However, when they began to lift us, I became extremely scared. Wade and I went tandem and I was the one to pull the cord, I almost didn't because I was so nervous. On the way down I was crying and laughing hysterically at the same time. Although it was scary (at least for me) it was totally worth it!

Wade made me post this picture because he wanted to show off that he has gained 10lbs. The next time you see him, make sure to make a comment on his new rugged look. He would appreciate it a ton!

Soon after we got home from Lagoon, Melinda, Dessie, and Andrew came to visit us for a week. Aubrey loved spending a little more time with her cousins.

Aubrey thinks just because she's smaller than Andrew that she can just lay all over him. I don't know that Andrew agrees.

Andrew: "So do you come to this blanket often?"
Aubrey: "I don't know, but you sure are cute!"

Aubrey cuddling with her Grand-dad

Grandma and Grand-dad posing with all the Grandkids. To add to greatness of October, Wade's brother and sister in-law had their 3rd baby on the 8th. So the day after my Birthday we visited new baby Everette and while we we were there, we had cake and ice cream for my Birthday. Seeing Everette, made me so sad to see how much Aubrey has grown in just the last 4 months.

Aubrey getting ready to go to the park! The book in this picture is Aubrey's favorite toy. she loves to suck on in and crinkle it to make lots of noise. I don't remember who got it for her, but thank you!

This last weekend, we went to a really "mind-blowing" park with Wade's nieces and nephews. They jungle gym was a little advanced for Aubrey; however, she got to try out her first big baby swing!

Mommy trying to get Aubrey to pose: "Work it Aubrey, show us a tiger face!"

After a little while of swinging sitting back, Aubrey got daring and leaned all the way forward... this way she could see all the world around her!

What a beautiful girl... she looks so grown up in this picture.

She loved this swing more than any other swing she has ever tried out... we need to get one just like this to hang up in our house.

If you haven't noticed, Aubrey's new thing is to chew on her fist and fingers. This unfortunately triggers a pool of drool from head to toe. Either way, it's kind of cute.

This last weekend, Wade bought Rockband for our playstation. After playing in the park... All us jammed out and showed our musical skills. We really make Bonjovi look armature when we rock out to "Living on a Prayer."

Usually when I get home from school, Aubrey is still wearing her pajamas from the night before and she looks like a homely child. However, I was surprised to see that Wade actually dressed her up really cute today. We decided to take some Fall pictures of her all cute.

Aubrey loves being outside and staring up at the sky and trees!

Playing in her first pile of leaves!

I think she was a little concerned about the leaf that was less than a centimeter from her eye.

Beautiful Baby!

Watch out boys... here comes Aubrey!

When I get home from school, all I want to do is spend time with my little angel... I love playing with her and just loving her.... I really can't wait until I can be a mommy all day again.

Relaxing by leaning on a tree in the beautiful Fall weather.

She is getting so big and is great at holding up her head and rolling over more and more often every day... soon, she will be rolling all the way across the floor.

Looking towards the beautiful sun setting!

We have several videos to add to this blog entry but I will attach them later. We really miss you all and can't wait to see you soon! Each leaf that falls brings us a little closer to seeing you all. We love you all and hope you all enjoy the rest of this season!


Laura said...

love the pictures of aubrey and andrew. she's so beautiful! sorry i haven't talked to you since your b-day yet. hope you had a good one. looks like it! love you and miss you! p.s. mind the limited skill in typing. i'm one handed right now. i'm sure you know how that is. haha...love being a mommy.

tomsfamily said...

Hey Katie,Wade & Aubrey,

We love the pictures. Wade is so crazy. Aubrey is so stinking cute and getting so big. I love reading about you guys it make me feel closer to you guys. Did you recieve Jadyns card? We cant wait to see you guys. I know Jadyn and Kaya are super excitied to see you guys. We love you so much!!!! Rox,Tom,Jadyn & Kaya

Little Farmer Family said...

HEY GUYS!! I love the pics!! And happy belated birthday Katie!! It looks like you guys have been having WAY too much fun!!!! And Aubrey's still as cute as ever!!! Hope teaching is going good for ya!! Hope to see you guys soon!!! Are you guys moving back up here in Jan or just coming up for graduation in Dec???

Emily said...

Hey!! Aubrey is sooo stinkin' cute!! She's so beautiful. Keep having all that fun!!! We love and miss you guys. Can't wait to see you in a couple of months!!!

Shea and Kay-Marie
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Shea and Kay-Marie said...

What a beautiful girl! I am glad you guys are having so much fun, we miss you and can't wait to see all of you again soon.

Jake n Jaime said...

Aww your little girl is precious!! You guys look like you have been having a ton of fun together! I need to call you. Or perhaps I should give you that job since I suck at it! My # is 970-215-2978. I stay home almost everyday and Mya really needs some interaction with other babies, so I do think we need to get together soon! Hey did you ever take your praxis tests?

Anonymous said...

Aubrey is such a cutie! Those fall pictures are beautiful. If she loves that swing I bet she would love a Johnny-Jump-Up.... or Jilly-Jump -Up? I heard they make a pink one for girls to be more politically correct or something.