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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

I know that it seems as if we haven't posted anything on here for months, it's because we haven't. Just to quickly summarize our past few months. I finished my student teaching in November; therefore, I am officially a college graduate!! The same day as my last day of teaching, we celebrated Wade's 25th Birthday. He was a little jealous because I got more gifts and parties from my students than he got on his Birthday. After we celebrated those 2 events, we got to celebrate Thanksgiving. We were able to enjoy it with all of Wade's family. Jena, hosted a fantastic dinner and decorated her house with beautiful place settings and Thanksgiving Decor. 1 week after Thanksgiving, Andrea took pictures of Aubrey and us. They turned out beautiful!

Well, the day after pictures, Aubrey and I jumped on an airplane and headed to West Virginia for the rest of the holidays. My mom's Birthday is December 4th so we flew in unannounced and had Jessie pick us up from the airport. We laid low for a few days at her house then she dropped us off at Emily and Chris' house to surprise them first. Emily was student teaching when we got there ,Chris unfortunately spotted us sneaking up to the house. We then waited for Emily's arrival. We dressed Aubrey up as a boy and had Chris tell Emily that it was Jessie's cousin that they were going to babysit last minute. Emily was a bit suspicious when she came home, but she had no clue that we were there and the very baby she was holding was Aubrey. After a few minutes of awkwardness, I jumped into the room.
The next day was mom's birthday, so we planned to trick her as well. Emily, Molly, and Julie met mom and dad at P-king to eat dinner together. We picked Molly up from school before hand and got her in on the surprise too. We told her to tell mom she was babysitting a little boy. Then Molly arrived at the restaurant with Aubrey dressed up as a boy. Mom had no idea; however, she kept remarking how he looked so much like Aubrey. It was so funny. Then I came into the restaurant and surprised her and everyone else as well. It was so much fun!
Wade flew in two weeks later and we had an awesome break spending the time with family and friends.

I am going to hold back on all the text because I could go into great detail and fill the blog with words but the pictures are the most exciting so we'll just cut to the chase. Unfortunately, I accidentally placed all of the pictures in the opposite order so if you want to start from the bottom to make them in chronological order you can... or not, it's all up to you... Please enjoy!

The 3 babies all swaddled up like a bunch of burritos

Grandma telling her famous "Pickle-juice stories"

This picture captures the warm feeling of the love Grandparents give so freely.

Grandma and 3 of the 4 new babies.... we missed little Jaxon and can't wait to meet him too!

New Years Eve! The babies almost made it to the New Year as they played with their toys to keep them busy and alert!
When Parker noticed that they were going to be late to the movies, he decided to take his helicopter instead so they could beat the traffic!
Aleigha and Parker decided to go to the movies and see "The Princess and the Frog" They went by car and looked so stylish.
More time spent with friends!
One of Wade's highlights this holiday was that he went hunting and got his first deer!!! He was so proud of himself and I must say I was proud of him too!!! He spent the next few days making steak and deer jerky!
..... Brenton took the Binky away!"

"It was all fun and games, until....

Aubrey's first BUBBLE bath! She loved it sooo.. much!
All the kid's laying in a circle!
More Cousins!!! Could Christmas get any better?!?! Parker and Ollie came to W.V. a couple days after Christmas... we had so much fun playing with them all!
Aubrey brought her bouncer to WV and Brenton ended up getting one for Christmas too! The two of them looked so cute playing in there; however, I think Aleigha enjoyed them the most!
I know the Chowey was Wade's Christmas present, but I think someone else liked it just as much... "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
Aubrey: "Is that really what I think it is?" Thank you so much
Grandma and Grandpa, now I don't have to waste the batteries on Brenton's!

Aubrey, are you excited to open that gift?

This year all of the kids threw in to get Mom and Dad a few nice gifts instead of a bunch of crappy little gifts... We got them a 36" T.V., a bludray player, a new web cam, and card. They were surprised and now they don't have to sit 5" in front of the T.V any more!
The 3 of us on Christmas Morning, Wade woke us up super early... even Aubrey wasn't used to getting up that early.
Babies' first Christmas Morning.... There were so many presents!
Daddy's stocking had a "Chowey" attached to it. When Wade was a little boy, a lady from his ward made him sock monkeys that he called Chowey and loved so much... This year when I saw them at Wal-mart I had to write a letter to Santa and tell him that Wade would love a Chowey!
The babies waited patiently in Grandma and Grandpa's bed to see what Santa brought them. I have several memories waiting in my Mom and Dad's bed early in the morning until they finally let us go down when everyone was ready.

Christmas Morning.... There were so many gifts! Lucking Aleigha and Brenton were so good this year or the tree would look empty.
All three stocking hung from the chimney with care... in hopes that St. Nicolas would soon be there!
Time to hang our stockings baby girl... Santa will fill them tonight!
Aubrey's first Christmas Eve... This was the first gift she opened... she surprisingly did awesome at opening presents.

After we went Christmas Caroling, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and guess who got the nut???? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count... That's right Molly!!! However, she did divulge in sharing her secrets to always winning, next year it will be cut throat!

Mommy and Aubrey in front of the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve getting ready for all of the festivities and traditions.
Santa Clause really came and made a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house on Christmas Eve... He was so generous to leave Aleigha tons of gifts including this awesome keyboard... We found out that these kids are musical prodigies and they rock!
When we finally were able to break free from Lynn Camp Road, I got to hang out with a few friends from high school. It was really fun spending time together.

POWER OUTAGE!!! We got a huge snow storm that trapped us at home for 3 days without any power.... The first days were really fun especially because Molly's phone died and she was forced to hang out with us. We had a blast until, we all got cabin fever and began fighting each other like trapped lab rats.

Aubrey's first Christmas card from Grandma

Who can sit up taller and smile bigger?

So the secret's out: Aubrey is actually an elf!

Aleigha and Aubrey conspiring a plot against Brenton!

Aubrey loved playing with her cousins, Brenton and Aleigha, she already misses them sooo.... much!


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oh so precious!

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun for the holidays, I love Aubrey's red striped outfit! Very festive!