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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Back in Rexburg! The first night that we moved in the infamous Rexburg weather was -20'!!! However, for the most part the weather has warmed up and is staying more consistent. Our new apartment is small, but very cute. Aubrey does not have her own room yet but she just upgraded from a bassinet to a crib. We were afraid that she wouldn't do well in it but she loves it! She falls asleep within 10mins. of laying her down. We couldn't be happier about how well she is doing in it; also, it is very cute!

"Welcome to my crib Hommie G'!"

We got a super awesome deal on the crib at Toys R' Us. The lady there let us price match the crib at Walmart plus gave us several other coupons and discounts that brought the price of the crib from $165 down to $120.

Finally Aubrey has a place of her own!

Sorry this picture is sideways but I took it to show you the awesome Retro Wall paper our apartment has. This is probably one of my favorite things about our new place.

The first week of December, Aubrey mastered sitting up! However she is continually progressing. She is now trying to pull herself up on things. The first time we saw this was when we were doing laundry and she was trying so hard to pull up on the hamper. After several minutes, the hamper over fell towards her. She hasn't yet made it to her feet by herself but she can get up on her knees. As for crawling, she is getting so close as she rocks from her bottom onto her belly; however, when she gets there, she doesn't get the concept completely yet. She is also rolling a lot more when she wants to reach for something or get somewhere. It's only a matter of time before she is completely mobile.

In our hallway, we have a floor length mirror in which Aubrey loves to play with the little girl in it. It is so funny how excited she is when she can see herself and entertain herself.
She tries so hard to touch that baby. Like with everything else, she has to try and taste/eat that baby too!
A cold, cold day at the park.... We stayed there for approximately 3mins., but it was fun while it lasted.

Trip to Utah
Last week end we went to Utah for the annual car show that Wade has to go to. Every year before, I haven't been able to go with him; however, this year I was fortunate to go too! We had a blast looking at all the new cars and some classic and antique ones too. Even Aubrey enjoyed the whole show. That same weekend we went to Cabella's, hung out with Wade's brothers, and went snowboarding! It was a very fun and eventful weekend. Unfortunately, I only remembered to take pictures at the car show.

Don't I look so awesome in the front seat of this car?!?

Aubrey stayed in the stroller the whole time but enjoyed every minute of the show.
I think she loved the show so much because she takes after her Daddy!

There was also this big ARMY truck, I even got to go inside.
As a side note:: Because of the show, my dream car has been solidified: I am going to own a Cadillac cts-v . I don't have picture of the one I sat in; however, these pictures will give you the idea. Isn't this car the sexiest car you have ever seen?


Jason and Brittney said...

Aubrey is so so cute! But as cute as the cadillac?? Idk!

painty (Melinda) said...

Aubrey is so adorable! I love your family/ Aubrey pictures that Andrea took. We haven't seen you guys for way too long.