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Monday, July 26, 2010

....Days Go By....

We are having a wonderful summer so far. Sorry that I haven't updated the blog in several weeks. Our computers have been giving us some trouble and so it is with the internet too. However, a lot has happened since we have been here. I am so far behind, but I'll blog the major events. I have so many pictures, but I'll have to choose the best of the best to blog, but there are still many. Let's start with Aubrey's Birthday! It was a wonderful event. Aubrey and her cousin that we are living with are only two weeks apart, so we planned a joint party between their birthdays. They had lots of family and friends help celebrate with them and spoil them with love and presents. Aubrey's main present was a baby pool that Wade got for her last fall when he was working at Wal-mart. We have saved it all this time and she and her cousins love it. So we decided to have a baby pool party. We had 2 baby pools, a slip and slide, swings, and water balloon fights. It was a nice way to keep cool. The night before the party, Emily and I worked all night to make the most awesome cakes for them. Aubrey's was a flower cake and Brenton's was a space rocket. We were very pleased on how they turned out. Unfortunately, we stayed up until 3 in the morning working on them. We also made them their very own Birthday Party hats. It was so much fun!!! We love our little princess and can't believe she is already over 1 year old.

The cake I made Aubrey out of cupcakes!

Aubrey's personal giant cupcake!

Brenton's cake, he got a small personal one too

Loving her new baby pool!

Sporting her new bikini she got for her Birthday... Miss immodest

Aubrey and Daddy going down the slip-n-slide

The guests of honor.

Daddy being daring!!!

"Happy Birthday to you....."

She wanted to touch the candle so bad

Could she look more pleased? The magic of Birthdays is great!

Birthday kisses from her #1 fans!

She ate her entire cake before I even noticed. I went around talking to guests for a minute or two and when I turned around it was gone, except a little icing on the bottom!

Now that she is 1 she is so cool because she is not a baby anymore!


Brooke and Kent said...

Okay... Aubrey is so dang cute in that "immodest" bikini!! I love it! And I can't believe she ate the whole thing!! Thats nuts! Was she sick afterward.

Kassie said...

Awww.... Aubrey is so stinkin cute Katie! And you did a wonderful job on that cake! I can't believe how big she's gotten in the few months since I last saw you. Love you and miss you so much! Take care! :)

Brooke and Kent said...

by the way... i am very impressed with your cake decorating skills!

painty (Melinda) said...

Yay, you finally posted! I thought you guys died out there. Aubrey is sooo cute! She has more teeth than Andrew. Those cakes look amazing! We miss you guys.

Jason and Brittney said...

Katie...can I just say I miss you guys so much...especially you! Aubrey is as adorable as ever! You are such a good mommy! Hope all is well.