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Thursday, September 9, 2010

So, So Much to Blog About!

Fall is knocking on the door!

I have no idea where to begin starting this blog. This summer has been a wonderful summer! Although we didn't get out as much as we would have liked, we had a blast and got a lot done. Aubrey has been the most productive of us all as she has been weened, learned to say lots of new words, walk, pee/poo occasionally in the potty, and has continually rocked our world! I will just write a brief outline of our summer adventures.

Move to WV. Look for apartment; no luck. Move in with my sister's family.~Have the Grand opening of Wade's new shop!~Go camping. Have a weenie roast. Roast marshmallows. Eat smores.~ Celebrate Aubrey and Brenton's 1st Birthday. Aubrey learns to stand by herself!~ Get new callings in the church. I am activities coordinator; plan activities. Have 4th of July Bar-B-Q and pool party.~ Jump in car; drive to Washington D.C.. Meet our friends the Brown's. Nestle next to the Lincoln Memorial. Watch the sky light up with fireworks above our Nation's Capitol. Explore the many free and wonderful museums. Walk a lot. Drive home.~ Work.~ Swim in pool. Go hiking at NB; swim in river.~ Take engagement pictures of best friend.~ Get in car, drive to Palmyra, NY. Go camping again. Go toad hunting in the campground pond/swamp. Visit the Hill Cummorah visitor's center. Go to the printing press museum. Drive back to the Hill Cummorah. Get bombarded with protesters; feel crummy. Find our seats; hear music, watch pageant, feel the spirit again. Drive back home.~ Go on much needed dates; must make stop at SAM's club for business supplies every time. Don't forget Harbor Freight Tools.~ Continue looking for apartments; no luck.~ Time to get ready for next trip. Pack bags; don't forget swim suits and sunscreen. Drive 14+ hours to Pensacola beach, FL. Drive strait through. Need to rest but the ocean is too inviting. Drop bags and go swimming. Come back to beach house and sleep. More family arrives. Go snorkeling at Ft. Pickens. Find hundreds of Hermit Crabs. Aubrey loves the water. Watch the Blue Angels do air stunts. Explore Ft. Pickens. Inevitably, Get sun burned. Go swimming at beach house pool. Walk the beach at night and find giant crabs. Don't step in the oil! Go para sailing with Wade! Excited for the romantic adventure. Captain puts our brother-in-law between us; who cares, too much fun! Gracefully glide in the sky. No Fear. Look a Stingray! Get dunked in water. Amazing! Collect money from brothers and sisters to send Mom and Dad up next. They loved it too. All the family is finally here! Time for the wedding on the beach. Get dressed in pretty clothes. Arrive early for pictures. All the brothers and sisters in one picture. Beach house is directly on the beach-breath taking. Wedding begins, beautiful ceremony. More pictures. Time for food, music and dancing. Sad to say good-bye to everyone. Kiss-Kiss Hug-Hug. Drive back North to W.V..~ Emily begins teaching. I'm bored. Find projects to do. Start some and procrastinate others.~ Another wedding when we get home. Dress up as a bridesmaid. Smile. Hugs.~ Begin bet with brother in-law Chris. Run. Run. Run. Everyday, never miss.~ No apartments yet. Trailer for sale. Not enthused, but willing to be open. Think its a great idea! Tow it to a lot. Tear out carpet. Begin remodeling.~ Take pregnancy pictures of friend. Oh how cute.~ Help best friend with her wedding plans. More pictures. More planning.~ Get ready for Grandma and GrandDad Christensen to visit!
Hopefully that will give you a taste of some of the things we have gotten to do this summer. I know I left many things out but I will come back to them when I go through the pictures. Speaking of which, I will post pictures shortly! We miss you guys so much! And we love you more than a fat kid loves Twinkies!


tomsfamily said...

We love you too more than a fat kid loves twinkies!!!! Sure do miss you guys. CAnt wait for a visit and to see pics. Give that big girl a kiss for us!!!!

Emily said...

~Love your blog~Miss being home with you~Excited for your new trailer~Will miss you when we aren't sharing a house~Glad we will still live close~

Kassie said...

You are crazy busy Katie! I am glad to hear that you had so much fun though! I'm excited to see the pictures that come. And did I understand right that you bought a home!? Love ya tons!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Laura said...

My favorite part was about the browns and dc. I'm bummed we missed you when you were here recently! next time.