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Monday, October 4, 2010

Back Date a Few Months

Palmyra, New York

As I mentioned in my last post, we took a quick trip to the Hill Cumorrah Pageant in July. I am going to go back one event this summer one post at a time until I can catch up. This was a very fun trip that we took with Grandma and Grandpa and Molly and Phillip. We all met up at the campground and settled in for the night around a warm campfire as we roasted marshmallows. Our site was right beside a little pond where the Bull Frogs were in plethora. We found a few that were about the size of my head.

Wade impressing everyone with his unending "source" of knowledge. (The Droid)

The next morning we went on a few site seeing tours before we went to the Pageant.
As we waited to take the tour of Joseph Smith's homes and the Sacred Grove, Aubrey pleased the crowd with her stunning beauty.

Aubrey decided to take a nap on Joseph Smith's Boyhood bed.

The three of us on the tour path with the Palmyra Temple poking through the trees. It was a beautiful day!

All of us taking a break in the Sacred Grove.

Getting Ready for the Pageant to start. The weather was great and the Pageant was even better!
Phillip and Wade had to break away from us all and get as many pictures with the Cast of the Hill Cummorah Pageant.

After another night of camping, we decided to go to Niagara Falls on the way home.
The Falls never cease to amaze me! It is so fun taking Aubrey on all of these fun adventures with us!

This "apple" does not fall far from the tree.
They are best friends!

Doesn't Wade looks like such a Lucky Guy in this picture? These girls definitely fall for him every day!

Next, we took the "Maid of the Mist" tour as we put on our ponchos and got on a boat that took us to the base of the falls. Aubrey wasn't sure what to think.

Despite the ponchos, we still got wet! With the wind, the Ponchos were useless.

This girl is always cute no matter what type of outfit she is sportin'!

All three of us in our beautiful Ponchos!

While Grandpa was waiting with Aubrey, he got all stylish and fashioned a matching hair bow for her out of part of his own poncho.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures that are well over due. As I try and organize all our pictures, I hope to record rest of our summer adventures. We love and miss you all and hope you are having fun as the beautiful Fall weather is in the air.


painty (Melinda) said...

Abrey is so soooo stinkin' cute! I'm glad you guys are having fun out there, but we sure miss you! Congrats on your new home too BTW.

Brooke said...

so so cute... don't tell wade but i think he's lost a little more hair since I last saw him.

Shawn and Michelle said...

Aubrey is beautiful!! You need to update again, I like stalking you and seeing what you guys are up to :)