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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall is Fabulous

We have been so incredibly busy over the last several months. As many of you know we bought a trailer is September and worked on it for about 2 months. We moved into our new home the end of October. Although we are moved in we still have things that need to be worked on and we aren't completely organized yet. However, we like our humble little abode. In September, we were so excited to have Grandma and GrandDad Christensen come visit us for about 10 days. They helped us a great deal on our trailer. Sadly, they had to go home. We drove them to the Pittsburgh airport and then we enjoyed a day at the zoo. The pictures on this post are is somewhat of an order but they are still a little disorganized. Also,most of the pictures of Grandma and GrandDad Christensen were put on our other computer so they will have to wait to be posted for another day.

Aubrey has a huge thing for stuffed animals and baby dolls these days. She loves to cuddle and love them.

There's nothing like ending a wonderful day at the zoo with a ride on the Carousel! Aubrey's first ride on one, she loved it!

Wade loved the petting zoo... maybe a little too much?

Aubrey liked the goats, but was okay if they kept their distance.

Wade was pulling Aubrey's wagon too slow, so we decided to hitch a ride with this Tortoise instead.

Besides the monkeys, Aubrey loved the stingrays the most... In fact, I think we all did. It was so fun, because you could reach down and pet them as they skimmed the surface of the water. Also, they had a tunnel through the water that you could climb through and see them from an under water perspective.

The elephants were so graceful and the babies were so cute!

After we offended Wade by taking a ride on the Tortoise, he begged and promised us that he would go faster if we rode with him again. We felt bad and joined him again, even though it was still slower.

Aubrey's first ice cream cone that she didn't have to share with anyone. I gave it to her for a few minutes, then when I was ready to eat the rest of it for her.... it was already ALL GONE!

Aubrey loves her cousins... they love getting into trouble together. I noticed the house got quite quiet all of a sudden. I went to investigate and found these two kiddos doing a science experiment in the toilet. Aubrey worked diligently to pull the TP off the roll and hand it to her sidekick as Brenton very carefully, tore the TP into small pieces and threw them into the toilet.

Aubrey loved spending time with her Grandparents and we sure miss them a ton... We are so excited to get to see them here in a few short weeks for Christmas!

Aubrey loves Grandma and Pops yummy baby watermelons from their garden!

My friend got married this summer and Aubrey unfortunately caught the bouquet (with the help of Daddy). Aren't Daddy's suppose to be guarding their daughters from playing such games? I just hope all those other girls don't get married for years and years to come...lol.

You know it's Fall time when there are football games and homecoming parades!
We went to Molly and Ryan's senior homecoming game and parade... I must say that the parade was quite lame.
Aubrey enjoyed the show even if it wasn't very eventful.

The kids had fun waiting for the parade in the back of the car. Look at the two kiddos in the back... There is no denying that they are related and that they have quite the personalities. I love it!

I believe Aubrey will want to be a cheer leader after watching her excitement while she watched them. This is her taking tips from the pros.
Harvest Time means Halloween is around the corner!

We went to a little farm in Ohio called "Sweet Apple Farm." We go there before Halloween to pick our pumpkins and then again in December to see a live manger scene and do some caroling. It is so fun to pick your own pumpkin, roast marshmallows, go through the corn maze, hay rides, and see the animals.
"Can I have them all Mommy?"

While Brenton was a little timid of the animals, Aubrey loved them and tried so hard to join them in their pens. I feel bad for her when she finds out that she is highly "allergic" to animals and can't have any pets of her own until she has graduated and moved out of the house.

Aubrey was excited to see how well she "measured" up to the animals inside the barn.

There were several wooden cows with rubber nipples that the kids were aloud to practice milking. After Aleigha showed Aubrey the ropes, it took no time for her to be come a pro milker.

Once again, Aubrey trying to get closer to the livestock.
Birthday Parties are a blast. I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with family and friends from church as we BBQ'd in the back yard and devoured ice cream cake. However my party was nothing compared to Aleigha's costume party. Everyone was required to dress up in their Halloween costumes... everyone participated and we had a blast.

As much as I have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween (or well, any occasion) I have always been surprised that my parents don't dress up that much. This year was the first time I ever remember seeing them wear costumes... I was so proud of them. I do feel bad for Aubrey as she will be embarrassed by her parents each year.

Aubrey dressed up as an elephant this year and Wade and I switched roles and bodies this year. (Like I said, our kids will be embarrassed by us). Isn't Wade stunning in that dress?

Aubrey loved her costume; however, she thought she was a lion as she "roared" at everyone!

The whole family... Aren't we such a good lookin' bunch?

We are so madly in love...can't you tell?

Wade had the heel-pop down to the T!
Halloween Day & Night

We began the day by carving our pumpkin and getting ready to go trick-or-treating. The town park had a weenie roast prior to trick-or-treating. We got there just in time to get some dinner and a nice bag of candy... Next, we hit the houses! We went door to door with Aleigha, Brenton, Emily, Chris, Grandma, Grandpa,Ali, Aunt Molly and Kenny all night until most houses were out of candy... We are slightly hard core like that. It was so much fun... we love living in our small town more and more as we attend events like this. Everyone was out and the whole town was out visiting and having a grand ole' time!
To avoid hearing the statement, "HE is so cute!" We made Aubrey's costume more girly by making her a Ballerina elephant. She was darling and definitely girly!!

One of the first houses was a bit scary when this "creeper" was handing out candy... It ended up being someone Wade works on his cars.

It is most certainly tradition to dump and sort your candy afterward.

It is even greater tradition for us Christensen's to take a picture of us laying in our candy... This is a Christensen Classic photo by definition.
Poo Poo and Pee Pee in the Potty!

We bought Aubrey a new potty, but she like to just use the seat part to use on the big potty. She does really well with the potty when we try. However, we are not consistent. We are just getting comfortable, but she is ready!
Home Sweet Home
Your first "house" is exciting, but it makes it more real when you have your own mailbox! Isn't that dope?!?
What could be inside?
Aubrey!!! That was the best package I have ever gotten! We either have a small child or a big mailbox.
Thanksgiving is over..... Let's go to the Christmas Parade!!
Wade enjoyed his first ever Christmas parade in our little home town of Harrisville. It was so much fun and I was really impressed with the floats. I was worried considering the homecoming parade being such a let down. The Christmas parade was really good! Only complaint is that they didn't use their sirens or horns because people complained last year... come on'! You have to make noise for a parade!

When Santa came riding bye, I tried getting a good picture of Wade, Aubrey and him, but Wade was too excited and kept putting his big head in front of Santa!

Enjoying our parade candy while waiting to sit on Santa's lap!

Aubrey cried when I put her on Santa's lap.... As soon as I put her down he said, "Put her on Mrs. Clauses lap, she'll like her better." I was a little disappointed that she wasn't on Santa's lap but it's true she liked the Mrs. better.
What we've been waiting for! (well, some of us)

I've been wanting to get little Miss Sunshine's ears pierced for a long time,but I have been nervous. However, Wade had really been exciting and hoping to get them done. I took the plunge and we took her the day after Thanksgiving!

She didn't like getting the dots put on her ears. She didn't like me holding her head in place, She didn't like getting them pierced... She LOVES her new earrings though! She is always pointing to them and saying, "ear we"

Little Miss Thing all decked out to go to bed. We can kind of sport a pony tail and pig tails these days (still a little awkward but cute as ever)!
Daddy's Birth Day!

I have been accused for not celebrating Wade's Birthday, because there are never pictures from any of them taken. This year I made sure to document everything we did on his Birthday so he couldn't say we never did anything.

First, Aubrey started the day by being funny and putting her diaper on top of her head. She thought it was the funniest thing; consequently, we thought it was funny too!

After taking the morning nice, slow and easy (by Wade's request) Wade opened his birthday presents. We got him a watch, pocket knife, candy, and the game Mind Flex.

Next, Aubrey got rid of her diaper and used the potty again. She loves getting toilet paper and wiping herself!

After which, we went to Parkersburg to go out to eat at Texas Road House. They sung Happy Birthday to him and he got to see a girls bottom who needed belt. His birthday was full of surprises!

Molly went into labor the night before Wade's birthday so while we were in Parkersburg, we went to go visit her and new baby Titan! He is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Molly & Phillip!

Of course, since it was Wade's Birthday he got to entertain us all with his awesome skills with a doctor's glove. He even put the glove completely over his face too so his whole head was engulfed in the glove.... It was very funny even though it was not a very good example for Aubrey.

I asked Wade what would make him the happiest on his Birthday and he decided it would be to go roller skating! We rocked out with over a hundred brace face, pimple face, crazy hormoned, preteen to on our roller skates. Of course we were the coolest individuals in the house!
I even got tricky and did some charlie brown moves and skating on one foot. You may think that is not cool but this is coming from a girl whose head got rolled over by 5th graders when I was in 4th grade while lying on the roller rink in pure shame.

Happy Birthday Wade! I love you! I hope you had a blast this year on your birthday... never say we never did anything on your Birthday in 2010!
Oh and just to brag about what a rockin wife I am... Wade also requested a cookie cake that had have chocolate chips and half no chocolate chips. That seems like fairly simple request for someone who makes the cookies from scratch; however, if you use the cookie mix, you have to hand pick out every last blasted chocolate chip.... What can I say I am AWESOME!

There you have it, many of you have been begging for me to update and I have been fighting with myself to do it as well. I am very glad I have, because so many good things have happened to us that need to be recorded. We miss all of our family and friends that are away, we know that if you have made it through this post and all the way to this part, you are a true friend (or just really bored). We hope you all are having a spectacular holiday season so far!

Love, US


Brooke said...

so proud of the update! Can't wait to get there and see ya'll. But I did vomit a little when I saw Wade in a dress. I mean if he was going to do it couldn't he at least shave his face and legs? Or do you have hairy legs? I know you have hairy arm pits but anyways...

painty (Melinda) said...

Yay, I'm so glad you posted! I can't wait to see you for Christmas. Aubrey is so big and so cute! I can't believe she is sitting on the potty already... I am not motivated enough to even try until my kids are 2 at the very least. Wade looks pretty good in that dress btw.

Kassie said...

I love the pictures of Aubrey as the elephant and with the animals that she's "allergic" to. She is stinkin' adorable!

My family is going to sweet apple farms this Christmas! I know you are headed out West this year for Christmas... but what date are you leaving/returning to WV?

Love ya!

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

Aww! this post is great! :) can I just say that you're my posting idol haha I couldn't ever do a post that long in my life if i tried haha! I do some long posts, but yours totally kicks mine posts butt...looks like you guys are having a blast, as always! we miss seeing you guys around and it's weird that we're all not in rexburg anymore. Hope you guys have a great christmas and santa brings you everything u wished for :) take care and keep posting pics of that adorable aubrey!! she's so stinkin cute!! have a great holiday- xoxo


Laura said...

you guys are so cool