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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Fun Trip Westward for the Holidays!

HAHAHA! Made you all look! I really haven't had time to update yet but it will be coming! Promise.


Derik & Jessica said...

What a big trick! Almost as good as the April Fool's post. Except this time I totally fell for it! haha. We sure enjoyed seeing you guys! I will be awaiting your post patiently... maybe you guys actually got a shot of all of us together... I felt like a loser when i realized we didn't get one picture of you guys!

Little Farmer Family said...

Ha ha ha!!! i JUST read your last post with wade wearing your dress and well....i can't stop laughing!! It's disgusting and funny at the same time! And wade....maybe you could have shaved a little!! That's what makes it so dang funny!! Hope you guys are having fun!! We miss you!!

Kassie said...

Okay.... you totally got me on this one because only the titles pop up on my google reader (igoogle) and then I click on them from there. I am so mad too that I forgot a picture! Silly! However, it was soooooo good seeing you! Love you millions Katie!

PS You saw how Aubrey loved me... I think you should send her to me for a while. ;)

Laura said...

blaah! pictures! you gotta keep me informed.