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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Really... Our Trip Westward!

Utah and Idaho: Here we Come!

After we set up our Christmas Tree, we sadly had to leave it as we were headed to Utah for Christmas!
Aubrey loved our Christmas tree and she would often go up to it and smell it and say " Peety" (Pretty). You could find her redecorating our tree at least 5 times a day. Because we bought our tree and ornaments our first Christmas as Newlyweds, we didn't think about getting balls that were not breakable. We somehow got away with only 3 balls getting broken this year. The ornaments gradually went from equally spread throughout the tree to all of them crowded at the top.

Aubrey was so lucky this year that she got to sit on Santa's lap 4 different times! Each time she got more and more comfortable with him! She calls him "Ho Ho Ho!"

Our bags are packed, we are ready to go! Because of High security this year, they made Aubrey sit on the conveyor belt and be scanned along with the rest of our luggage. Luckily they didn't see the stuff we stashed inside of her!

Aubrey earned her first pair of wings! It's about time since she's been flying numerous times since she was born. She was so excited to see Grandma and GrandDad and all of her cousins!

Christmas Eve all the adults got to go snowboarding while the kids got to spend time with Grandma. Aubrey loved playing with all of her cousins and misses them so bad!

Often times Wade and I would get distracted and forget to keep our eye on Aubrey. When we'd go to look for her, we would always find her with all her cousins playing in the basement. She especially loved all the attention she got from her Girl cousins.

Christmas morning was so exciting as we watched Aubrey get so excited over each of her new gifts. She especially loved her stocking stuffers, including her CHAPSTICK!

I could not resist posting this picture. Aubrey loves Chapstick as more than she loves candy! We can not go to the grocery store without her screaming and pointing to the chapstick saying, "I want Chapsick, I want Chapsick!" She doesn't even see the rows and rows of candy. I love it... she is such a girl!

Aubrey opened all her gifts with the same enthusiasm as the gift before! She loved it and so did we.

A couple days later, we celebrated Weston's Birthday! All the kids enjoyed all the cake and ice cream!

A typical picture of the Christensen boys. While the girls are all throwing out fun ideas to do, the guys are enthralled in whatever game in on.

On the way to Idaho to meet friends and family, we stopped and hung out with our friends Derik and Jessica. We walked down to the water falls and got "wonderful" pictures of us. After wards, we ate some appetizers and Applebee's and then watched Christmas lights to the music and finally hung out at a cool Toy Store. It wasn't exactly in that order, but it was really nice to see them. We really miss hanging out and plotting pranks and doing fun stuff with them. Its hard to be motivated to do fun, crazy things without them! We miss you guys!
Here is the best picture, Derik took of us and the Falls. I guess I should have showed him how to use our camera.

Derik and Jessica. Wouldn't they be so cute with a baby? Haha!
We also got to see our other friends Kay-Marie and Shea when we went to Rexburg. It was the first time that we got to meet their sweet baby boy Conner. Unfortunately, Aubrey was sick so she didn't get to play with him that much. We all went out to eat at Wingers a true delicacy now that we don't have one here in WV. We had so much time and only wish we could have had more time to spend with them.
Next, Idaho Falls! We had fun playing games with Laura and Todd when we got to Idaho. The boys are getting so big. This is the best picture I got with all three kiddos and Ollie is cut out. We really miss them, since we live so far away from each other. Hopefully, we will get to see them again really soon!

Unfortunately, Aubrey got really sick during our trip. So she was so ready to be home. Here is a picture of her shortly after we got back and she was feeling her same old same again. We miss everyone already, and we can't wait till we can see you again. Every day we talk about planning our next trip West again. I hope you are all doing well too! Love you and Miss you a million!


Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Yes come out west again and visit us! We loved it! We are coming in April so maybe we can meet half way and do dinner or something, so you guys dont have to drive too far.

Derik and Jessica said...

I think that Derik took the picture that way on purpose so that we would have to get together again soon to take the "real shot". Glad we were able to see you guys! Thanks for calling us!

Emily said...

Well well...I had to comment on this post too (I did them in backwards order)....I know how comments are positive reinforcement...and w/ positive reinforcement, the more likely you will post again. It certainly seems that you don't NEED the positive reinforcement since you have posted 3 times in one week. However, I could read a new post every day if need be.

Your pics are great! You are an awesome photographer, and of course you have a little darling model that most def. makes things a little easier. She's adorable...I love her so much. I am soo glad you guys live close and that our kids can be best friends...or best enemies at time...but yeah, they love each other...lol