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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Days!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! & Happy Birthday Aubrey!

What a fun weekend! First Aubrey and I along with the help of my sister Emily and her husband surprised Wade with a weekend camping trip. There is a free campground about 1.5 hours away from us and supposedly it was really nice. Wade loves camping and would take the opportunity to go everyday if he had the chance. So Friday when he came home from work, I already had the car packed with all of our gear now we just had to wait for Emily and Chris to get ready. At one point, Wade asked if we could go camping and I said no, because I needed more time to prepare than a few hours (haha). Next, I told him we were going to eat dinner out to celebrate Aubrey's Birthday and we were going to meet Emily and Chris. Then I told him that Emily and Christ wanted to eat at a new restaurant that was about 45min. away. So we began driving. I played dumb like I had no idea where the restaurant Emily wanted go was located especially when the 45min. trip turned into 1hr 10min. trip. Soon I began to realize that the little bit of info that I grabbed off the internet was not enough to even put us remotely close to our destination. We had to stop several times and ask for directions. Wade really became suspicious when we were on a dirt road in the middle of no where with only trees,fields, lighting and fireflies around. Soon I told him we were going camping and that we needed his help finding the place. When we pulled into the campground at 1/4 till midnight it began down pouring. However, it soon stopped we found a nice little spot and camped anyways.

When we were house sitting a few weeks ago Aubrey fell in love with their daughter's pillow pet. So searched for a cute on just for her Birthday. However, I found something even better. It is an animal pillow and the stomach is Velcro with a sleeping bag rolled up inside of it. We gave it to her the first night of camping and she loved it. She actually stayed in it the whole night!

The next morning we sat around the fire for a short while until it was time to go to the Marietta Aquatic center where we were going to celebrate Aubrey and Brenton's 2'nd Birthday.

Look who's 2!
These two little munchkins couldn't have been more excited for their Birthday. These two love saying and singing Happy Birthday! When they realized we were singing it to them, they were even more thrilled.

When Aubrey and Brenton aren't trying to kill each other, they are very loving towards one another. And who could be mad on such an occasion so instead of pinching cheeks and pulling hair, they kissed.

Well as you can see, our family seems to like to kiss. Especially on such a Happy Day! I remember how excited Wade was when Aubrey was born in time for him to have his 1st Father's day with her in his arms. They have been such good buddies ever since.

Of course, what's a Birthday party without presents? They each had several fun presents to open up with the help of Aleigha who was such a good helper.

Water Park Fun!
Now that the presents were open and food was in our bellies, it was time to have FUN!

Going down the waster slide was a two man job for Aubrey and Brenton. They needed a Daddy at the top to help push them down and a Daddy at the bottom to catch them. They each did this about twice to realize they had all the waterslide fun they needed for one day.

The lazy river was a little more relaxing and warmer. Most of the time was spent in the lazy river. I even found $.75 in the water!

These girlfriends had fun walking around the pool grabbing the attention of other preschoolers and toddlers as they giggled and strutted their stuff.

After swimming, it was time to cuddle up in some warm towels with daddy! We've been having 90+ degree weather but on the day of the party it decided to storm a little bit and cool down as well. So if you weren't in the water, a towel was in need.
We decided to eat the cake during the thunder break when more of the family was there. Let's just say that the kids ate more sugar than any other food substance that day, which is totally acceptable on your Birthday! However, that night when we went back to the campground and was getting ready for bed, I almost took Aubrey to the hospital because it looked like there was blood in her stool. No worries though, it was just all the red dye she ate in her cake and other sweets. You know it was a good day when your diaper looks like that.

Once again, Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine and Happy Father's Day Papa!


tomsfamily said...

Love to read your posts. Hopefully we will be seeing you in just a few short days. Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!! Love to all of you!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness!!! You are so not pregnant! Not in that black swim suit! I can't believe you're as far along as you are, and you're not even showing one bit!!! So lucky!!!!
:p Love you! And very cute pictures. Happy Birthday to Aubrey again. I know I just talked to you yesterday about not wishing Happy Birthdays...um...but know that I also called on her birthday a couple weeks ago, but I had no answer. I think I left a message then as well.

Brooke said...

def. jealous about the monster trucks!