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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Having Fun Redneck Style!

What do you do on a Friday night in West Virginia along side hundreds of other Born in the Blue Rednecks?

Hint: Black and White Checker Flags
Outdoor racetrack- Choice of seating: Camp Chairs, Blankets, or the Mud
Burgers, Pizza, and Beer
Loud Engines
The smell of burning Clutches, Tires, and Cigarette Smoke
Huge Tires
A Variety of Mullets and Rat tails
Beer Bellies, Cut off t-shirts and shorts

Bonus Hint: It's not NASCAR

Answer: Monster Mash (Monster Truck Racing!)
And we LOVED joining in on the Madness and getting our Redneck On!

At First I was excited; however, I didn't realize it was outside and I did not come prepared. After initially sitting in the mud and getting soaked withing seconds, Wade and Aubrey made a run for Wal-Mart and bought a blanket. I was a little negative at first, but soon, my inner country girl kicked in and I Loved it!

Daddy and Aubrey enjoying the show!
We were not sure how Aubrey would handle the show, but as soon as the engines turned on, she would not take her eyes off the cars. She loved, and I mean LOVED the whole show. She cheered and cheered! I'm pretty sure Wade was a very PROUD parent, when he realized his and Aubrey's similar interests. It's only a matter of time before he has her in Coveralls working in his shop.

The Turtle Truck was Aubrey's favorite.
Aubrey cheered: "Go Turtle Go!" over and over again
Later she began cheering: "Go Froggy Go!"
Wade: "Do you mean Turtle?"
Aubrey: "Oh yeah! Go Turtle Go!"

This truck "The Stone Crusher" was my favorite!

Aubrey screaming, "Whoaaaa!" She was very impressed.
When we got in the car she kept repeating, "I liked it, I liked it...!"

Maybe we'll do it again next year?!?!


Jacob said...

Ha! That looks awesome! I think that would be fun, and I'm sure Andrew would love it too. He loves cars and trucks. Aubrey is so cute.

Jacob said...

that was Melinda by the way