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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where have we been? I'll tell you where we've been!


In August, we went to the Columbus Zoo and Water Park with the whole gang! I was a little nervous about going down water slides when pregnant... but it didn't hold me back and I had a blast!

Aubrey and Kenli looking awesome in their shades ready to see the animals!

We took a detour to the petting zoo within the big Zoo! The kids had a blast brushing the animals.

Aubrey loved to see all the animals... the best part was that she was old enough to remember what she had seen and still talks about the "bears jumping in the water!"

We Bought A BOAT!
First day of boating relaxed Aubrey so much she feel asleep sitting up! She loves boating and we can't wait to teach her how to wake board next year!

We Saw the OCEAN!
This year Aubrey was a little more apprehensive about the water, but warmed up quickly to it as she ventured out a few times on her own.

Aubrey kissing Baby Brother Liam and telling him how excited she is to have him play with her in the waves next summer!

Priceless picture... Aubrey loves her Daddy and feels safer with none other!

We went camping about 1/2 hour from the beach at our favorite Bell Plane State Park. However, the deer ticks loved Aubrey a little too much as we collected over 12 microscopic ticks from her sweet head.
We also had the pleasure of camping with Uncle Jared and Mary and Ethan. They were so much fun to have with us!

Uncle Jared woke up super early and sat in the cold rain for hours to get us tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument... Thanks Jared!

The Capitol!

Honest Abe

Jared and the kids looking toward the Washington Monument in deep thought.

White House!

We Got to Visit LUCY the ELEPHANT!
My Uncle on my Mom's side helped construct Lucy to scare off unwanted visitors on the sea!

Early Morning Ride on the Board Walk!
I think this picture was taken seconds before mom fell.

We took a trolly instead of the bikes so we could make Wade and Jared do all the work.

Swimming with the cousins... for some reason Aubrey felt the need to strip naked in the pool... Much more refreshing that way I guess.

More boating... Wade showing off his awesome skills!

Me showing off my mad pregnant woman wake boarding skills!

Happy 4 Year ANNIVERSARY Love!
I came home surprised to find these inside my door waiting for me!

Align Center
Wade came home to find this surprise on the bed waiting for him!
Then we went to dinner and movie and played at the town park afterwards... I love you Wade and I couldn't be happier!


Every Tuesday we go to Story hour at the Library, this particular day you were suppose to dress up like someone from a specific culture, continent or country. Aleigha was a little Gypsy girl and Aubrey was a little girl from Tanzania and Brenton a Cowboy... They were super cute!

More Boating... However, hours in the hot sun sometimes make these two kiddos blood boil!

This is our favorite little place to eat when boating. It's right on the river and we dock up and go get a yummy bite to eat at "The JUG"

However, I think Aubrey enjoyed the Boogers more than the Burgers!

FUN in the TUB!
This is some goo that the kids made! It was super sticky and icky that it had to be played with in the tub! They had a blast sliding all over the tub.

Afterwards, the kids cleaned up by taking a bath with glow sticks! Bath time has never been the same since... there is always high expectations for fun in the Tub!

Emily and I have never been to our sister Laura's house in Arkansas and we've been super anxious to go. So we took the plunge and left our husbands at home as we made the trek alone with three kiddos. Although the drive was miserable at times, we do not regret going one bit... we had so much fun!

We did lots of art projects!

Aunt Laura introduced us to the jump zone and Aubrey was not scared of the big slides on bit, in fact, she loved the big slides.

These two just lounged in the stroller as they picked their boogers and indulged on their rewards... yuck!
We had fun playing in the park on our last day in Arkansas... now we can't wait to go back for another visit.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow!"
Yes, I am posing with a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, because this was the night that I finally earned my very own Rainbow and I could not be a happier owner! I have been nesting ever since it has become the new member of our family.

My little photo shoot with Little Miss Sunshine!
She is so beautiful!

The kids love playing "dress ups." Aleigha was pretending to be a witch and the other two were bumble bees. That's what they were for Halloween too. When they first put on their costumes, they truly believed they could fly!

Home School Preschool!

Aleigha's Halloween Costume Birthday Party was so much fun!

I got to make and decorate Aleigha's Birthday cakes... It was a lot of fun!
Happy Birthday Aleigha!

My Birthday Weekend!
We convinced the family to join us as we camped at Summersville lake and hiked the area the next day for my Birthday!

We took a 4 mile hike out to this beautiful point/cliff after a pancake breakfast around the campfire.

Kissing on the cliff

Aubrey and I taking a quick break while we wait up for some of the others!

After hiking, we grabbed a bite to eat and went to this Psychedelic Hole in the Wall attraction called, "Mystery Hole." It's a place that "defies" the rules of gravity. I swear the people who created it were stoned while in the process.

This was the last stop we made on my Birthday trip! It was amazing how breathtaking this bridge is!

All "four" of us in front of the bridge at the look out!

I hope you all enjoyed this lengthy blog post! The next post will contain pictures of our Halloween fun and the arrival of Liam who will be here any day! We miss all of you who are so far away! We hope this finds you safe and happy!


Laura said...

congrats on baby #2! i love the name liam. i want to hang out with you guys and your boat. you guys are cool.

roxanne said...

I guess my blog gave you motivation!!! HAHA. Love all the pictures (now waiting on mine :) ) The dress Aubrey is wearing to Aleighas party looks familiar. Hope you arent to uncomfortable now and i ope for a quick delivery of Liam. Love you guys!!!!

Emily said...

Awesome blog again. Pictures are wonderful, beautiful, and awesome. And I'm super excited that someone is posting pictures of my kids!!! You really did keep busy this summer that's for sure. You didn't mention how hard you worked for that Rainbow though!! Glad we live so close and are able to spend soo much time together!

Love you, ~Emily

painty (Melinda) said...

I'm so glad you finally posted! Aubrey is getting so grown up and is so cute. I bet she will be really cute to her new little brother. Good luck with everything! We love you guys!