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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Halloween.... Still Waiting on Baby Liam!
Aubrey got her "Very 1st Very Own" pumpkin at the Pumpkin patch we love to go to each year!

Since there was still no sign of Liam arriving for Halloween and he would miss dressing up in a cute costume, we decided to include him anyways... this year he went as a Jack-O-Lantern.

The rest of us went with a different theme. Me: Queen Bee , Aubrey: Bumble Bee Princess, Daddy: The Bee Keeper or "Honey Man"

We attended several community Halloween parties and enjoyed every moment of it.... Aubrey was a pro trick-or-treater and mastered the song "Trick-or-Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat, if you don't I don't care, I pull down your underwear!" She said this to about 1/2 of the houses.

LIAM'S BirthStory

Because Aubrey came 6 days early when she was born, I just expected that Liam would come just as early or even sooner. I was becoming very anxious and unfortunately, I confused that with a "Mother's Intuition." Therefore, leading myself to major disappointment. I began walking every day and night. Then that walking turned into a pathetic jog every night, mixed with other "Labor Inducing Activities." One Sunday, after much work, I was sure this was "It!" I began going down the line of calling my Mom and all my sisters; saying, "I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure so be on standby." Then after the contractions subsided, I had to make that depressing call back saying, "don't worry, you can go to bed... nothing's going to happen." My doctor is big on offering inductions at 39 weeks if wanted. I told him that we'd schedule one for 11-4-11, but I probably wouldn't take it because I'd go naturally on my own or I'd just wait till my due date.... Well, 11-4-11 came and this desperate, anxious Mom packed her bags an hour before she was suppose to arrive for the induction and made it to the hospital at 5:30am.

I was very nervous because Aubrey's labor and delivery went so well, that I was afraid that I wouldn't be as lucky this time around; especially, because I was being induced.

However, things started out great. As soon as they hooked me up to the monitor it was evident that I had already began contracting on my own. They said that even if I didn't come it that morning, they were sure that I would have come in on my own that night. The contractions were pretty steady at first but then they started the Pitocin to keep them coming regularly. We came prepared with the Ipad, Labtop, card games, and more to help pass the time. But early on, the nurse asked if it would be okay if two WVU students observed the birth. I agreed to let them. I thought that they would just be in and out the whole time with the nurses, but I guess if you're a student you aren't expected to do much so they ended up just hanging out with us and talking until it was go time and then there wasn't much talking going on. So needless to say, we didn't need any of the stuff we brought. My doctor came and checked on me once or twice and said I could have the epidural before they broke my water so I wouldn't get too uncomfortable. However, right before the anesthesiologist came in, the nurse checked me and I was already at 8cm. So much for giving me the epidural before I progressed too much.... hahaha. Anyways, I need to make mention about how nice the anesthesiologist was. He was AMAZING! He could tell I was very nervous, but he kept me distracted and was so patient with me... even though I dreaded his arrival, I was in LOVE with him before he left! I guess that's probably the standard with having a job like that. Immediately after, Pop brought Aubrey in to see Mommy and Daddy one last time before she was no longer the only child. After she left to go wait in the lobby, I was slipping off into dream land, but not even a 1/2 hour later the doctor came in ready to catch our little man. At this point it was 11:27 and we kept joking that I was going to beat Aubrey's time who was born at 11:54 with 15 min. of pushing. So I began pushing, and everyone kept telling me how close he was.... I didn't believe them because with Aubrey they said that and then I realized you could barely see any of her head so I continued to casually push as not to wear myself out. Well, after 6 min. of pushing, they said, "He's Here!" and I looked down in amazement to see my sweet baby boy in all his glory!

Liam, only seconds after entering this Great World!

I was able to hold him for a moment, before they started weighing and poking and prodding him... but that moment was amazing. He looked just like his Big Sister Aubrey and I was in love all over again.

Liam Cade Christensen weighed 6lbs. 14oz. and 20" long. He had dark hair with side chops that extended to his jaw and tiny little ears. He was perfect.

They only let the baby stay with Mommy and Daddy for about 1hour until they take him to get warmed up in the nursery. In that time he nursed awesomely for almost the whole hour, but then everyone got to hold him for a few minutes.

When Aubrey first saw her brother she was... In LOVE! Her first words were, "I love him... I love him... Can we take him home?" She is an amazing Big Sister! They soon whisked him away to the nursery. He had difficulty getting his body temperature back so he didn't get to come back with us for 5 hours. This was a little disappointing, but I must say the break was a little nice so I could get a little rest. We walked down to the nursery to see him after a couple hours and made it clear to them that we wanted to be a part of his first bath and the nurse agreed to come get us before hand. Well... after the 5 hours they came rolling him in all clean and clothed. I was a little upset about this as well, but we've already had too many baths at home to count to make up for the 1st.

Liam all clean and warm.

Wearing his first pair of Jammies.

Our first Family Cuddle session ended with everyone falling asleep in my bed. After they all fell asleep and I took the pictures, we put Liam back in his bed and I joined in on a nice, long nap.

We got lots of awesome visitors including family and friends!

Aubrey even got a visitor her own age. She shared her new Princess shoes that Liam gave to his Big Sister.

After 48 hours we were getting pretty bored and decided it was time to get home to Aubrey and start having fun!
All cute in his going home outfit!

Trying out his new carseat! He looked so tiny in it, now looking back, this really gives me an idea of how much he has grown already!

Rolling out to the car in front of the Hospital.

3 days Old and taking our 1st walk!

Aubrey's regressed just a bit... We have to swaddle her, binkytize her and rock her in the bassinet to get her to sleep... No Big Deal... jk.... she was just being her silly little self.

I'm still behind on all my postings, but at least I have his Birth Story recorded now. I am excited to share our Thanksgiving and Christmas adventures with you in the coming days. This post was just getting too long and there is so much we've already done since Liam's arrival.... Life is Grand!


The Hager Family said...

Love it, and love all of you! I am so happy for you and cant tell you how great of a mother you are! You have two beautiful children, and I'm sure more to come!!! Love ya lady <3

Emily and Rory said...

You guys make the cutest babies!!!

Emily said...

Love the post. Glad you got his birth all recorded. However, you missed a very important part....his favorite Aunt (Emily) rushing to the hospital, making it only minutes before his birth. Glad I got to be part of his big day! Love you guys!

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

THANK YOU, for the birth story I was anxious to hear about everything and am glad things went well, even though Liam wasn't as early as you wanted. Connor was a late stinker so I totally know that disappointment and anticipation that comes everyday. But Liam is an amazing little handsome boy! CANT WAIT TO MEET HIM!