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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The rest of November!

Thankful for Family

Life with 2 babies has been amazing... Our little man is soooo... good! It amazes me how content he is. He goes to be when we do and only wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat and then strait back to bed for him. Aubrey, is an amazing big sister! She adores her little brother. Whenever someone asks to hold Mr.L, she says, "Yes, but you need to be very careful." What great advice. She showers him with kisses, hugs, and love everyday. She is so smart, and knows exactly how to handle a baby. People often ask how life is with 2, and other than my house never being as clean or taking longer to get in and out of the car, life is just as "easy." I have been so blessed with 2 of the greatest kids!

My friend from high school, had her baby 6 weeks before Liam was born and they are already the "best of friends."

Liam's 1st bath without his little belly button stub.

This little guy looks so much like his big sister at times that it amazes me.

We have this same pose of Aubrey when she was his age, so we had to play with him too.

"Love's chattin' wid his home boys"

Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

Daddy's Fan Club on Thanksgiving Day!

Aubrey loves grappling with her Grand Dad! We had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with Wade's Mom and Dad here in West Virginia. They came to meet Liam and spend time with Miss Aubrey. How lucky are they to have 4 grandparents!

Thanksgiving/Christmas Parade!
Aubrey was so excited when the parade started and especially when they started throwing candy! She filled her whole hat and grandma's pockets with lots of candy!

Enjoying the parade with Wade's Parents!

My lovely Mom and Sisters with all the babies bundled up!

I think we managed to get a picture of all the kids at the parade... it was really hard to keep them all together with the distraction of all the parade cars, horses, and Santa's Sleigh!

This was Aubrey and Liam's first time sitting on Santa's Lap in the year 2011. Although Aubrey doesn't look too impressed, she was very excited and couldn't wait to sit on his lap. However, as you will see in the next post this was only the first of 4x's of sitting on the "Big Guys" lap this year.

We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, as we did!
I am almost all caught up on blogging!
We'll tune in again in the near future!
Love, the Christensen's

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Emily said...

Love the post...as usual. Maybe I'll update mine now..we'll see...lol. Anyways, the first picture of Aubrey at the parade, cracks me up. Her facial expression looks identical to a face that Wade makes. Love the pics of Liam "writing and talking on the phone." Glad you got those, b/c they turned out really well just like the one's you took w/ Aubrey at that age. Anyways...great post. Love you!