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Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 2011 & Christmas

Imagination Library

We kicked off December by going to Imagination Library created by Dolly Parton. No, Dolly wasn't there. She organized this program for children 0-5 years old to receive free books in the mail every month. This was the kick off party. There were crafts, balloon animals, face paintings and snacks! It was so much fun. Liam even won a build-a-bear. What a lucky kid, only 4 weeks old and already winning drawings.

Can you tell what Aubrey was?

Fort New Salem Christmas Celebration
This man was the Belsnickle, very similar to Santa Claus in the colonial days. He'd walk around the fort and either give candy to the good children or switches to the bad children. Even as scary as the man looked, Aubrey and her cousins were eager to take candy from this stranger.... I guess it's time to talk about taking candy from strangers.

The kids posing in front of this modest Christmas tree in one of the shops.

In the center of the Fort, they have a large pine tree that they light with real candles as a choir and the crowd join together in singing Christmas Carols.

Aubrey got in trouble just before leaving and she had to stick her head and hands in the shackles.

Time to Decorate the Tree!
While Daddy was at a meeting, the kids and I worked on decorating the Christmas tree. We were too excited and couldn't wait.

Aubrey did an amazing job decorating the tree this year! She new that if she put all the ornaments at her level then it would be off balance so she had me lift her high to get the top too.

One Sunday evening, we walked around the park with Emily and Chris's family and got in the Christmas spirit with all the pretty lights. A few weeks later, we went Christmas caroling to the houses near the park and we really enjoyed ourselves as our audiences were kind, funny, excited and even a few scrooges. It was still very fun and entertaining.

With the rainy weather, we have spent a lot of time indoors creating and playing with these cute kiddos. In the above picture, they are pretending to be wonderpets in their newly constructed fly-boat. They even had a fain to propel their contraption.

This is one of our many crafts (a snow globe made with baby food jars and little figurines)

More time with Santa this was the 3rd out of 4 times of sitting on this guys lap.

More time playing indoors.... painting the bathtub with colored shave cream.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera out for the earlier part of the evening when we did the Nativity Pageant, Birthday cake for Jesus, or our Christmas Caroling. Aubrey was the Angel and Liam had the star roll as Baby Jesus. Their cousin Aleigha was Mary, Brenton was Joseph... and their older boy cousins and daddy were the wise men/Sheppards. They did amazing! Neither Aubrey or Liam got out of character the whole play.

Later that evening, we got to each open one gift... Aubrey got a book from grandma and pop. Liam got a new handsome looking polo shirt.

Next they hung the stocking from the chimney with care with a little help from Daddy of course.

We forgot our handmade stocking at our house so Grandma and Pop sacrificed theirs for the kiddos. Santa stuffed theirs and ours in Christmas hats and toy sleds instead.

Last but not least, Aubrey left milk and cookies and a special note for Santa.
Then off to bed it was for the kiddos and Mommy and Daddy of course!

The Christmas tree after Santa came! It was so beautiful and magical too.

Before even making it out of bed Christmas morning, Aubrey started vomiting.... It wouldn't be the holidays without a little sickness, right?
However, she mustered up the energy to be excited about her first few gifts. Especially the rocking horse!

This was probably the last smile we saw Christmas morning.... She started feeling sick again so this scene soon turned into.............

...... this sad, sad scene; but this scene soon ended too when all energy was lost and quickly turned into.........................................

..................... this scene, when finally she was able to get some rest from all her suffering..................but need not fear, because when Mommy and Liam came home from church this pitiful little girl turned right back into.......................................

............................ this beautiful, vivacious little princess (especially when she woke up to find more presents waiting to be opened that she didn't have the energy to open up earlier in the day.)

This picture shows how much better she was feeling by then end of the day. She was feeling so good she felt confident enough to catch Daddy in mid air!

Liam too, got many presents on Christmas, but he opened them so fast we didn't get any pictures of him. His favorite gift was a new set of hair. He's been complaining about how bald he is so Santa got him a little Rogain! The best part is that it is guaranteed to last even through his 20's which is amazing given the track record of his Daddy and his Uncles.

Mommy and Liam were the only ones who got to dress up in our Christmas clothes because Daddy and Aubrey got to stay home and missed out on church.

Liam has become quite the smiler and talker these days. If you give him even just a few minutes of attention, he will offer you smiles and goos and gaas. He is so fun, just like Aubrey!

Liam with his girlfriend Maddie.... She is obviously and Princess and he is to surprise a Car head!

We hope you all had a wonderful December and especially Christmas! Now I am only 8 days behind on blogging! I am getting so close to being caught up! Stay tuned in to see how we celebrated the New Year!

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painty (Melinda) said...

Aubrey is so cute as the little puppy! And Liam looks so big already--what an adorable smile! How sad that Aubrey threw up on Christmas, good thing kids are resiliant. :) We miss you guys!