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Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer kick off 2012

We have kicked off our summer by going camping & boating for 4 weeks in a row now. Soon, we will be headed to Utah and Idaho to visit our family and friends. Since Liam was born we have had a lot of stress in our lives but as of a few weeks ago, our stress has disappeared and so many blessings are headed our way. For instance, Wade just got a new job! I am so excited for him and proud of him. His teaching job was a good one and he loved the people he worked with, but when this new opportunity arose, he had to take it. He will now be working for UNOh as a recruiter for the automotive department. That along with many other little things are really making us feel blessed.
Our babies are growing up so fast and it's hard to believe Aubrey will be three next month and Liam is already over 1/2 a year old. They bring us so much joy every single day. Aubrey knows so much and baffles us every day at the silly and incredibly smart things she says. She uses the words like fragile and artificial often. When she learns a new word she is so proud of herself and has to practice it. She loves the movie Tangled and likes to watch it daily. She makes her mommy and daddy so proud of her with how crazy fun she is. She loves camping in the "temple". When setting up our tent last year, she heard us say "tent pole" and thought we said temple. Now whenever she sings "I Love to See the Temple." we know what she is really in visioning. In addition, she is an awesome boating girl! She is so relaxed while on the boat that often times, she falls asleep. But when she is not sleeping, she is tubing with "no hands" ( and daddy doesn't go that easy on her either). Last week she and I were both thrown from the tube and she just laughed and laughed about it. Swimming with her noodle is another favorite of hers. Last week the proudest moment for daddy was when she let him take her knee boarding and she loved it! She is such a fun little girl and we love having her spice up our life!
Liam too, is growing up so fast. That tiny little 6lb 14oz baby has turned into the cutest little butter ball you could imagine. He is such a happy little boy. If you even give him the slightest bit of attention, he will light up with the biggest smile imaginable. He has masters the army crawl about 3 weeks ago and is getting into everything. He loves eating dirt, grass, and sand which have all been in his access since we have been camping regularly. The other day I found sand in his dirty diaper-poor boy. He loves his big sister so much, if there is one thing that can guarantee a laugh from him it would be her. He is about ready to sprout his two bottom teeth and like to chew on anything hard and dangerous which keeps mommy on her toes. We love his little personality so much and love the awesomeness he adds to our family.
I feel like our family is like a yummy cookie recipe. When it was just Wade and I, we're were like the plain dough, sweet and yummy. When Aubrey came along it was liking adding the chocolate chips. Now that Liam is here we added the yummy walnuts. Now are cookies are really yummy! I love my little family and I am proud of each of them!


Shea and Kay-Marie said...

Ahhh I am not going to lie I am so anxious for your visit! Can not wait! Aubrey and Liam are so darn adorable. Liam is one handsome man, he is like a model. And Aubrey seems to be full of energy. IT will be so fun to see them with Bells and Con.

painty (Melinda) said...

You guys are so fun! We loved seeing you yesterday!