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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love & February !

This month has lots of fun so far! We are pretty settled into our house and Aubrey is growing up so fast. I have begun to fill my empty time with fun things. I have started going to water aerobics and I am learning how to sew with Wade's Aunt. I just finished my first project last week-- a Valentine's table runner. This Valentine's day was so much fun to be able to spend it with Aubrey. I will explain more details of this month's excitement with all of the pictures... enjoy!

Our laundry room is out in the garage so when I do laundry without Wade home, I bundle Aubrey up and let her help me. This picture reminds me of a "Where's Waldo" picture with how much she blends in and especially with the hat.

Our friends invited us to go to a local "Extreme Makeover" that the community of Rexburg put together... They chose a deserving woman in our community and treated her to new clothing, hairstyle, gym membership, and teeth whiting. We went the revealing which consisted of free food, giveaways and dancing. It was here that Aubrey got her first balloon. She loved it!

She kept pulling on the string and the balloon would bump her in the head so she'd get more excited and flap her arms and it kept hitting her more and more. She looks so tiny and far away in this picture compared to the balloon.

We all dressed up for the event, and Aubrey looked so precious.

Aubrey loves to be propped up and leaned on something so she can stand. Soon enough she'll be able to get herself in that position.

When I go to water aerobics Wade watches Aubrey, he keeps her engaged and happy by playing Rockband with her. She even moved her arm as if she is playing the drums too!

"Silent Night"
We finally were able to take Aubrey to her doctor's appointment to get her second set of shots. When we were there, I let the doctor know that she still wakes up to nurse at night. He told me that at this age she should be sleeping through the night and that she can go 8-12 hours without eating. Wade and I decided it was time to give it a try. We fed her really well before bed time, kissed her goodnight, and put her in her crib. Meanwhile, Wade and I slept out in the living room so we wouldn't give in. That night, she cried for 2-3 hours. At first I wasn't convinced this was easier because if I were to nurse her she'd go back to bed. However, we stuck to our guns and let her cry it out. The second night she only cried for 30-60min. The third night, no cries at all. Every night since, we have all slept like babies!

After the first night of crying, I went to check on her in the morning. When i first looked in her crib, I didn't see her, my heart sunk for a moment. Then rolled up in the corner, I saw her sleeping soundly.

Each night, she moves less and less. Last night, she was still partially swaddled.

In addition, to sleeping through the night, Aubrey is super close to crawling, and her first two teeth are coming in and the tips have broken through the bottom of her gums! She is growing up so fast, we can't believe it! When her teeth are more noticeable, I'll be sure to post pictures of her new pearly whites!
You call this Valentine's Day Weekend?

Because of Wade's Candy Grams business, I don't ever want to see roses, cookies, or cards again! This past weekend, our house became the workshop to put all the candy grams together. Starting Thursday night, there were people coming in and out of my house until Saturday evening. Roses filled my sink, cookies lined my apartment and counter tops, and cards were sprawled all over my table. What was once a sweet way to express your love to someone, quickly became a cliche commodity in our home.

We packaged around 500 cookies!

Prepared 250 roses!

Individually, hand wrote 100+ cards!
Delivered, 100+ deliveries!!!!
Boy, were we exhausted!
(you can kind of see my table runner in this picture, but I'll definitely post more pictures of that)

After we kicked everyone out of our house on Saturday evening, we turned off the lights, locked the doors, and headed to Olive Garden. We enjoyed a wonderful evening together and had a Happy Valentine's Day After all! On Monday, Wade's Uncle actually took us snowmobiling and we had a blast. It was worth all the stress to enjoy the snowmobile rides.
Aubrey's First V-Day was a good one for her too!

With all the roses, we gave Aubrey her very first Rose for Valentine's day! She didn't know what to do with it, she tried eating it, pulling it, and playing with it... but she loved it anyway!
Doesn't she look like such a doll in this picture?

What a pretty rose!

We had tons of rose petals from all of the roses, so we scattered them around Aubrey and took some pictures!

After Aubrey mauled her rose, we opened up the petals and made it a flower for her headband. It was way cute, but way too big!

She knows how to please the camera!

On Tuesday morning, Aubrey got another Valentine's Day gift! She got a card, letter, and picture from her cousins Brenton and Aleigha! She love eating the card and holding the picture. Thank you so much Aleigha and Brenton!
After playing with these V-day gifts, we heard the mail man put something else in our box... what could it be?....

... It was a package from Grandma and Grandpa from WV. What a lucky girl.

Inside the package, was some long lost pants and a pacifier, and another Valentine from Grandma and Grandpa; this time, there was a lollipop attached to the card.

We couldn't help but let Aubrey at least try her first lollipop; so I put a bib on her and let her go to town. She new exactly what to do with it and she loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Of course we didn't let her eat the whole thing but she did try it out! Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa!
We hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too!


Jason and Brittney said...

I love how she knew what to do with the lollipop! So cute, straight to the mouth! I loved the petals all around her, and the rose in her hair..what hair?! You are such a good mom, way to get her to sleep all night! I hope to be a mom just like you one day :)

painty (Melinda) said...

That little Aubrey is so adorable I could just eat her up! That is so fun that she is starting to crawl, and I am glad the crying it out thing worked for you guys. sleep is so happy. I used to carry Dessie in a laundry basket too when our laundry room was in the building next to our apartment. Such fond memories!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we were so excited to see the new pics on your blog!! We especially loved the video of Aubrey eating the lolly-pop we sent. We are so happy that she enjoyed it so much!!! We sure do love you all and miss you, too!
Hugs and kisses to you,
Grandma & Grandpa Thornburgh

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

Katie! i love love love your pics in the collage at the beginning of your blog. Where did you guys get these taken?? So fuN! well thanks again for coming with us this weekend...it was a ton of fun and we loved being able to hang out with you guys and the campbells :) have a great week

see ya later

Andrea said...

She is looking more and more like a Christensen to me. She looks just like Susie when she was a baby.